Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) is an honor society for students who have maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA and are in the top 20% of their class during their first year or term of higher education. Our mission is to "encourage superior academic achievement to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their unique roles in society."

Contact: Madison Alley

Eta Sigma Phi

To serve as the Classical Studies Honors Organization of Dickinson College, and to promote interest in the study of the Ancient Classical World

Contact: Lucy McInerney

Geological Society

To promote general awareness and education on local geology and the geosciences as a scientific discipline.

Contact: Elizabeth Plascencia

Kappa Delta Pi

The purpose of the Alpha Beta Rho Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi shall be to promote excellence in and recognition of outstanding contributions to education. Kappa Delta Pi shall endeavor to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, to quicken professional growth, and to honor achievement in educational work. To these ends, it shall invite to membership persons who exhibit commendable professional qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship, without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender or sexual identity, or disability.

Contact: Cassidy Leighton

Math and Computer Science Club

To act as a platform for the members of the Dickinson community to engage in activities related to mathematics and computer science.

Contact: Shitao Liu

Pre Health Society

The Pre-Health Society is a student-led meeting for those sharing the same interests to meet and discuss careers in health care or to hear speakers talking about their careers.

Contact: Gloria Hwang

Psi Chi Psych Club

The Dickinson Psychology Club is for anyone, psych major or not, who is interested in psychology.

Contact: Sarah DiMuccio

Spanish Club

Promote interest in Hispanic language and culture, give opportunities for Spanish language practice and celebrate the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

Contact: Dianaliz Cruz Rodriguez

Class Councils

Class of 2014

To provide events for the Class of 2014

Contact: Michael Meyers

Class of 2015

Class Cabinet Officers

Contact: Katelyn Swade

Class of 2016

Sophomore class officers

Contact: Howard Keenan

Class of 2017

To plan first year class events.

Contact: Krysti Oschal

Club Sports

Club Tennis

The Club Tennis program provides both competitive and recreational tennis for students. It is the opportunity to play tennis at the level, intensity, and commitment desired for each person. There are no cuts, and the student is able to bring whatever level of commitment they want. For students interested in a more competitive program, there will be tournaments to attend at other universities in the area. Through the USTA Tennis on Campus program, Club Tennis has the resource to host a tournament and attend tournaments.

Contact: Lily Roberts
Contact: Jessica Sykes

Cycling Club

The purpose of the Cycling Club is to promote all aspects of cycling and provide an opportunity for students to pursue their own personal goals within the sport; collegiate competition, lifetime fitness, or recreation. The Cycling Club welcomes cyclists of all levels and will assist with training plans, bicycle maintenance and organized rides. The Club strives to foster an environment for cycling education and appreciation, not simply the technical aspects of how to ride, but also the culture and satisfaction of cycling as a lifetime wellness hobby.

Contact: Thomas Shewell

Dickinson Club Soccer

Dickinson Club Soccer is a club dedicated to allow students to continue playing soccer at a competitive level.

Contact: Ryan Parker
Contact: Ryan Parker

Dickinson College Dirigible Plums Quidditch Team

Both fans and non-fans of the Harry Potter series at Dickinson come together to play Quidditch, a fast-paced “real world” adaptation of the magical sport featured in the books and films. Three Chasers, two Beaters, a Keeper and a Seeker run around the Quidditch pitch on brooms attempting to score points, avoid Bludgers, and catch the elusive Snitch. Our club practices once a week and compete against other colleges and universities as part of the International Quidditch Association (IQA).

Contact: Jennifer Rush
Website: Dickinson College Quidditch Team Facebook Page

Dickinson Ice Hockey

Our mission is to promote sportsmanship on and off the ice, to build a brother / sisterhood through playing hockey, and to play competitively while being a good representation of Dickinson College and the Dickinson community.

Contact: William Beuerlein
Contact: William Beuerlein

Dickinson Martial Arts Club

"Many arts, one spirit!" We focus on the use of different kinds of martial arts in self-defense, as well as improving our mental strength while maintaining a fun dynamic

Contact: Zijie Zhang

Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Club is an organization whose purpose is to bring together college students with a love of horses to participate in activities like trail rides and intercollegiate competition in hunt seat equitation through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

Contact: Katherine Rose Acocella

Fencing Club

To instruct and further the practice and application of fencing at Dickinson College

Contact: Maxwell Lio
Contact: Maxwell Lio

Fencing Club

To provide a basic education in foil, epee, and sabre and to allow experienced fencers a space to practice.

Contact: Kristen Cunningham

Fitness Club

The purpose of the DCFC is to inspire fitness and wellness in the Dickinson student and administrative community through increasing functional fitness capacity.

Contact: Joshua Singer

Jive Turkeys

The Jive Turkeys are the club Ultimate Frisbee team here at Dickinson. We are an all-inclusive team, and our practices are open to the entire student body. We welcome players of all experience levels who want to try something new and play an active, rewarding sport. What makes our team special is that we are all friends off the field as well as on it. This makes a unique environment perfect for making new friends and competition. We are flexible about attendance, but we hold practice from 4:30-6:30, Monday through Thursday, and throughout the semester we will travel to roughly four weekend tournaments at other colleges. These competitive tournaments are at the heart of our club, and provide us with a great opportunity to meet other people in the Ultimate community!

Contact: Ryan Emery
Contact: Amber McGarvey

Jive Turkeys Ultimate Frisbee

The organization’s aim shall be to provide an outlet whereby students may play Ultimate Frisbee in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. The organization will achieve this goal through regular practices and social events. The organization shall also play in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments whenever the members of the organization deem it fit.

Contact: Adam Berman

Martial Arts Club

Strengthen you body, better your mind, and to have fun.

Contact: Chawin Reilly

Men's Club Lacrosse

Dickinson College Men's Club Lacrosse teams purpose is to provide a team for men to play competitive lacrosse at a non varsity level.

Contact: John Feketie

Outing Club

The Outing Club uses the outdoors as a setting to encourage growth and responsibility in members of the Dickinson community.

Contact: Mackenze Burkhart

Paintball Club

To promote teamwork and bridge the divides between classes of students by offering a new activity, thereby forming bonds with fellow Dickinsonians as well as encouraging physical fitness and athleticism.

Contact: James Abrahamsen

Quidditch Club

The purpose of the Dickinson Quidditch Club is to provide a place where students of Dickinson College can play IQA Qudditch (commonly known as “Muggle Quidditch”) in a safe and fair manner and connect with other fans of the Harry Potter series and sport

Contact: Mark Shaffer

Red Devils Cheerleading

Our mission is to cheer on Dickinson sports teams and promote school spirit!

Contact: Briana Williams

Ski and Snowboard Club

An organization committed to introducing and expanding skiing and snowboarding as a fitness and recreational activity that can be enjoyed throughout ones life, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Contact: Ashleigh Rockwell

Sport Club Council

The purpose of the Sport Club Council is to provide recognized club sports the role to regulate the functions of the Dickinson College Sport Club program. The mission is to promote sportsmanship, leadership, competitive spirit, cooperation, and fun among recognized club sports. In addition, the council serves as a liaison between the Sport Clubs, Office of Intramurals and Recreation, Division of Student Development, and Dickinson College

Contact: Simon Feeman

Women's Club Lacrosse

Our goal is to offer a fun yet competitive lacrosse experience to women in the Dickinson community.

Contact: Bryn Nolan
Contact: Rebecca Winsor

Womens Club Soccer

For anyone who has interested in soccer or who has played soccer before and wants to continue to do so. We want to provide a space for people who love the sport and want to be a part of a team

Contact: Danette Moore