Archaeology Club

To promote and take part in activities relevant to the study of the ancient world through public events, lectures, and campus outreach.

Contact: Catheryn Broady

Astronomy Club

To develop an appreciation for astronomy within the Carlisle and Dickinson communities and to advance the sharing of knowledge between members through educational trips and programs.

Contact: Alaina Einsig

Economics Club

We provide a platform for Dickinson students to learn about economics through our Econ Talks and other various activities and we work a lot with the Economics Department. We hold regular meetings every Thursday night from 8pm to 9pm at Althouse 110. Membership is open for all Dickinson students who are interested in economics.

Contact: Jonathan Baughman

Geological Society

To promote general awareness and education on local geology and the geosciences as a scientific discipline.

Contact: Amanda Santilli

Math and Computer Science Club

To act as a platform for the members of the Dickinson community to engage in activities related to mathematics and computer science.

Contact: Jingzhi Zhou

Mock Trial

The Dickinson Mock Trial Team aims to educate students on the art of legal arguments, while building their skills of persuasion, public speaking, and critical thinking. The team competes with universities at a national level and exposes students to the courtroom and criminal and civil procedures. Attracting students with both legal and non-legal backgrounds and career pursuits, Dickinson Mock Trial emphasizes leadership and teamwork through the support of Dickinson professors, both of whom have training and experience in the legal profession.

Contact: Abigail Preston
Contact: Abigail Preston

Neuroscience Club

The purpose of the club is to spread awareness and interest in neuroscience and neuroscience related topics throughout the Dickinson College and local community. It allows students with an interest in neuroscience to meet and discuss relevant topics to neuroscience outside of the academic setting with their peers. The club holds monthly meetings and aims to bring speakers in the field of neuroscience to Dickinson College as well as host events, such as movie screenings and fundraisers.

Contact: Alissa Resnikoff
Website: NA

Pre Health Society

The Pre-Health Society is a student-led meeting for those sharing the same interests to meet and discuss careers in health care or to hear speakers talking about their careers.

Contact: Gloria Hwang

Psi Chi Psych Club

The Dickinson Psychology Club is for anyone, psych major or not, who is interested in psychology.

Contact: Hannah Kaufman
Contact: Rachel Kruchten

Society of Physics Students

To investigate the natural world through physics

Contact: Amanda Ratajczak
Contact: Zephram Wolf

Student Investment Group (SIG)

The Student Investment Group at Dickinson College, or simply SIG, is a student-run investment group that invests fictional money with mock portfolios in order to provide members with an immersive, working financial and investment education. The group invests in a wide range of public equity investments, such as individual corporate stocks, ETFs (electronically traded fund), and REITs (real estate investment trust). The core of the SIG is comprised of a diverse group of motivated students, where experienced members (typical Executive Board members) strive to educate new members in a group-oriented environment during weekly meetings. After undertaking extensive research and review of various investment proposals, investments are selected for the potential use in one of several portfolios including the SIG Flagship Portfolio. Members also gain experience from our Trading Room every Thursday during which they examine stocks and execute virtual trades in real time while the markets are moving.

Contact: Stephen Hoefer
Contact: Krysti Oschal

Union Philosophical Society

The purpose of this organization is to foster discussion on important matters and topics that people want to discuss. It is also to help people with debate and speaking skills.

Contact: John Shaffer

Class Councils

Class of 2016

To create class affinity and plan Senior events, including Senior Week.

Contact: John Dinsmore

Class of 2017

To foster class affinity and plan events for the Class of 2017. The Class Council represents the interests of the Class of 2017 and serves as a resource for students who want to bring their ideas, initiatives or concerns forward.

Contact: Krysti Oschal

Class of 2018

The First-Year Class Council consists of the student representatives for the Class of 2018. We advocate for their needs, interests, and organize class events.

Contact: Marley Pulz

Class of 2019

This organization is in charge of organizing events for the Class of 2019 student body.

Contact: Liam Stenson

Club Sports

Club Basketball

To provide a space on campus where students and staff can play basketball together and create relationships on campus.

Contact: Manuel Ocampo

Club Soccer

Dickinson Club Soccer is a club dedicated to allow students to continue playing soccer at a competitive level.

Contact: Arland Crandell

Cycling Club

To promote cycling within the Dickinson community and ride outside of the town limits to see the local environment.

Dirigible Plumb Quidditch

To provide an inclusive and fun space for both fans and non-fans of the Harry Potter books to play the new world wide sport of Muggle Quidditch. We come together to play Quidditch, a fast-paced “real world” adaptation of the magical sport featured in the books and films. Three Chasers, two Beaters, a Keeper and a Seeker run around the Quidditch pitch on brooms attempting to score points, avoid Bludgers, and catch the elusive Snitch. Our club practices once a week and compete against other colleges and universities as part of the International Quidditch Association (IQA).

Contact: Abigail Hsieh

Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Club is an organization whose purpose is to bring together college students with a love of horses to participate in activities like trail rides and intercollegiate competition in hunt seat equitation through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

Contact: Sarah Pelletier

Fencing Club

To instruct and further the practice and application of fencing at Dickinson College

Contact: Courtney Gamache
Contact: Julia Williams

Ice Hockey

Our mission is to promote sportsmanship on and off the ice, to build a brother / sisterhood through playing hockey, and to play competitively while being a good representation of Dickinson College and the Dickinson community.

Contact: Andrew Babbidge

Jive Turkeys

The Jive Turkeys are the club Ultimate Frisbee team here at Dickinson. We are an all-inclusive team, and our practices are open to the entire student body. We welcome players of all experience levels who want to try something new and play an active, rewarding sport. What makes our team special is that we are all friends off the field as well as on it. This makes a unique environment perfect for making new friends and competition. We are flexible about attendance, but we hold practice from 4:30-6:30, Monday through Thursday, and throughout the semester we will travel to roughly four weekend tournaments at other colleges. These competitive tournaments are at the heart of our club, and provide us with a great opportunity to meet other people in the Ultimate community!

Contact: Victoria Reid
Contact: Max Rubinstein

Martial Arts Club

"Many arts, one spirit!" We focus on the use of different kinds of martial arts in self-defense, as well as improving our mental strength while maintaining a fun dynamic

Contact: Zijie Zhang

Men's Club Lacrosse

Dickinson College Men's Club Lacrosse teams purpose is to provide a team for men to play competitive lacrosse at a non varsity level.

Outing Club

The Outing Club uses the outdoors as a setting to encourage growth and responsibility in members of the Dickinson community.

Contact: Jack Marcus

Paintball Club

The Paintball Club is an organization that is devoted to providing a fun and safe outlet for students in order to periodically escape the high-stress environment of a college campus and reinvigorate oneself. This club is open to all students and no prior experience is required.

Contact: Zijie Zhang

Red Devil Swim Club

To foster a fun, competitive environment for Dickinson students who want to continue swimming after high school. Open to students of all swimming levels, practices are four days a week and meets may be held throughout the semester. As Dory said in Finding Nemo, "just keep swimming!"

Contact: Morgaine Goettl-Meyer

Ski and Snowboard Club

The mission of the ski and snowboard club is to ski and board a lot, have a lot of fun, and promote skiing and snowboarding to others as a great wintertime activities.

Contact: Zoe Crawford
Contact: Zoe Crawford

Women's Club Lacrosse

Our goal is to offer a fun yet competitive lacrosse experience to women in the Dickinson community.

Contact: Paige Dougherty
Contact: Gillian Horn

Womens Club Soccer

For anyone who has interested in soccer or who has played soccer before and wants to continue to do so. We want to provide a space for people who love the sport and want to be a part of a team

Contact: Claire Henriques