• It shall advise the Vice President for Library and Information Services, and other senior managers, on major issues associated with information technology and services. 
  • It shall insure communication between members of the College community and divisions providing information services by conveying concerns, suggestions, and comments and by providing a forum for discussing these issues. 
  • It shall develop among its members a strategic understanding of emerging trends in information services that lends itself to continuous and informed discussions. 
  • It shall communicate regularly with other committees of the College, and especially with the Faculty Meeting, as well as with the various campus constituencies, with regard to issues identified in the course of its deliberations affecting the curriculum, the administration of the College, and student life. 
  • It will monitor progress towards achieving goals and objectives in the College’s strategic plan, including innovation, that relate to information technology and services.  


  • 2014: Claire Bowen (English), Regina Sweeney (History) 
  • 2015: Mara Donaldson CHAIR (Religion), Benjamin Farrar (Theatre & Dance) 
  • Provost and Dean of the College: Neil Weissman 
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration: Brontè D. Jones 
  • Vice President, Library and Information Services: Robert Renaud 
  • Director, Instructional and Media Services: Patricia Pehlman (without vote) 
  • Director of Online Marketing: Max Pearlstein (without vote) 
  • Director, User Services: Terry Mollett (without vote) 
  • Students: Grover “Nick” Bailey, Nicole Wasson