The All-College Committee on Information Technology and Services (ITSC) meets every Monday when classes are in schedule.  All matters concerning ITSC business or questions regarding the committee should be submitted to


  • It shall advise the Vice President for Library and Information Services and other senior management administrators on major issues associated with information technologies and services.
  • It shall develop a strategic and contextualized understanding of issues related to technology, information services, and the evolving digital environment.
  • It shall track emerging trends and best practices for the use of technology appropriate to the needs and mission of the college in all aspects of campus life.
  • It shall serve as a forum for the discussion of issues and the communication of ideas and concerns related to uses of technology in teaching, research, and social life.
  • It shall facilitate the creation and articulation of community principles to guide the uses of new and developing technologies throughout the campus.
  • It shall communicate regularly with other committees of the College, the Faculty, and various campus constituencies with regard to issues that will impact the digital environment of the college.


  • Chair: Margaret Frohlich, Spanish
  • Provost and Dean of the College: Neil Weissman (represented by Brenda Bretz)
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration: Brontè D. Jones (represented by Miriam McMechen)
  • Vice President, Library and Information Services: Robert Renaud
  • Director, Academic Technology: Patricia Pehlman (without vote) 
  • Executive Director of Marketing and Communications: Connie McNamara (without vote) 
  • Director, User Services: Andrew Connell (without vote) 
  • Director, Library Services: Eleanor Mitchell (Represented by Theresa Arndt, without vote)
  • Crystal Moten, History
  • Kristin Strock, Environmental Studies
  • Hourly staff member (without vote) 
  • Student: Anh Tran