• It shall advise the President of the College on major issues of institutional policy and planning. 
  • It shall regularly monitor and make recommendations on all policies and programs affecting the generation and application of the College’s financial resources. It shall examine incomes and expenditures experienced in past budgets and make recommendations for projected budgets. 
  • It shall communicate regularly with other committees of the College, and especially with the Faculty Meeting, as well as with the various campus constituencies, informing itself regarding their concerns and informing them with respect to the topics it is exploring and the recommendations it is formulating. 


  •  2018: Sarah Bair (Education), David Commins CHAIR (History)
  • 2019: Michael Beevers (Environ. Studies), Dominique Laurent (French), Erik Love (Sociology)
  • Provost and Dean of the College: Neil Weissman
  • Vice President and Dean of Student Life: Joyce Bylander*
  • Vice President and Chief Information Officer: Robert Renaud*
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration: Brontè Burleigh-Jones*
  • Vice President for College Advancement: Kirk Swenson*
  • Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusivity: Brenda Bretz
  • Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College: Karen Faryniak (without vote)
  • Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services and Budget Management: Steve Hietsch (without vote)
  • Director of Planning and Budget: Margaret Stafford (without vote)
  • Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs: John Henson (without vote)
  • Associate Provost & Executive Director, Center for Global Study and Engagement: Samantha Brandauer (without vote)
  • Hourly Staff Members: Patricia Zink and Meridith Brozik (1 vote between them)*
  • Students: Chris Jones ‘19, Pres. Student Senate (without vote), Cole Gordner ’18, P&B
    Director of Financial Strategy (with vote), Peter Brooks ’18, P&B Director of Campus Life and Initiatives (with vote)

*Only four administrators and one hourly staff member will have voting privileges at any one time.)