Suggested curricular flow through the major

The Russian major was designed with the hope and expectation that all of our students would spend a year abroad. As a result, we developed the curriculum so that a student who did spend a year abroad could complete all the requirements for the major, as long as she or he followed a few guidelines.

The guidelines are written for the entering student who knows he or she wants to major in Russian. Rather than specify the courses that you “must” have in a given semester, the following are general guidelines regarding courses that we suggest you take during each year. You should think of these guidelines as giving you a fast track into the major – this provides maximum flexibility in your junior and senior year.

First Year
RUSS 101 (fall semester) RUSS 104 (spring semester)
RUSS 100, Russia and the Western (spring semester)

Sophomore Year
RUSS 116 (fall semester)
RUSS 200 (spring semester)
Russian literature or culture course in English (200-level course)
RUSS electives, for example, a Russian history course

Junior Year
The majority of Russian majors study in Moscow during their Junior Year; In  Moscow you will take 4-9 courses (refer to the Courses section in the Academic Bulletin: Russian)

If you do not go abroad, take:
RUSS 231 (fall semester)
RUSS 232 (spring semester)
Russian literature or culture course in English (200-level course)
Russian elective, for example, a Russian history course

Senior Year
300-level RUSS course (fall semester)
300-level RUSS course (spring semester)
Finish your requirements for Russian literature/culture and your electives

For information regarding the suggested guidelines, please feel free to contact a Russian faculty member. Consult your advisor regarding writing an honors thesis in Russian.