Fall 2014

Course Code Title/Instructor Meets
MISC 101-01 Introduction to Military Leadership I
Instructor: C Erik Rodney
Course Description:
Introduces Cadets to the personal challenges and competencies that are critical for effective leadership. Cadets learn how the personal development of life skills such as critical thinking, goal setting, time management, physical fitness, and stress management related to leadership, Officership, and the Army profession. The focus is on developing basic knowledge and comprehension of Army leader attributes and core leader competencies while gaining a big-picture understanding of ROTC, its purpose in the Army, and its advantages for the student. One-half course credit. Open to all Dickinson students. Meets 75 minutes per week.
1330:R   STUART 1104
MISC 201-01 Foundations of Military Leadership I
Instructor: Thomas Andersen
Course Description:
Explores the dimensions of creative and innovative tactical leadership strategies and styles by examining team dynamics and two historical leadership theories that form the basis of the Army leadership framework. Cadets practice aspects of personal motivation and team building in the context of planning, executing, and assessing team exercises and participating in leadership labs. Focus is on continued development of the knowledge of leadership values and attributes through an understanding of Army rank, structure, and duties and basic aspects of land navigation and squad tactics. Case studies provide tangible context for learning the Soldier's Creed and Warrior Ethos as they apply in the contemporary operating environment (COE). One-half course credit. Open to all Dickinson students. Meets two hours per week each semester.
1330:T   TOME 115
MISC 301-01 Adaptive Military Team Leadership
Instructor: Thomas Andersen
Course Description:
Permission of Instructor Required.
0800:W   ALTHSE 109
1030:R   ALTHSE 109
MISC 401-01 Adaptive Military Leadership
Instructor: Paul Culberson
Course Description:
Develops Cadet proficiency in planning, executing, and assessing complex operations, functioning as a member of a staff, and providing performance feedback to subordinates. Cadets assess risk, make ethical decisions, and lead fellow ROTC Cadets. Lessons on military justice and personnel processes prepare Cadets to make the transition to Army officers. MISC 401 Cadets analyze, evaluate, and instruct Cadets at lower levels. Both their classroom and battalion leadership experiences are designed to prepare MISC 401 Cadets for their first unit of assignment. They identify responsibilities of key staff, coordinate staff roles, and use situational opportunities to teach, train, and develop subordinates. One course credit. Meets two hours per week each semester. Prerequisites: MISC 302.
0830:W   450WH CONF ROOM