September 14, 2017

Learn about Dickinson's waste stream and what goes where.

Have you ever wondered where your trash goes after you throw it away at Dickinson? Curious if what you put in the recycling bin is actually recycled and how? At some point you've probably wondered these and many more things about Dickinson's waste stream. The Center for Sustainability Education will be sponsoring the year's first Sustain IT all about waste! Come to learn, practice and act together about how we can reduce waste and increase diversion from landfills together. We will bust all the myths about what is "unrecyclable". Take the opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn more about the place you call home! This knowledge can be key in the understanding of how you can begin to live a more sustainable life. The Sustain IT Workshop Series is designed to create action on an issue of concern through education, networking, and prioritization. Students, faculty and staff participate to learn, discuss current practices and ideas for improvement, and then identify action items that can create positive change towards a more sustainable campus. Eco-Reps are encouraged to attend, but all are welcome. No pre-registration is necessary and feel free to bring your own food. Email for more information. 

Further information

  • Location: Social Hall East
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free