September 18, 2017

It can be challenging to care for a person with special needs, requiring difficult decisions regarding future financial planning. This workshop shares basic steps to help caregivers plan.


Financial Wellbeing: 10 Basic Financial Steps for Special Needs Caregivers
Presented by MetLife
Monday, September 18
HUB side room 201-202
noon-1 p.m.

It can be challenging to care for persons with special needs, requiring unusually difficult planning decisions regarding their future as well as their family. This workshop addresses 10 basic steps to help caregivers get started in preparing for the financial future of their dependent with special needs. It covers critical issues such as applying for government benefits for Social Security and Medicaid, creating a Special Needs trust, the importance of a Will and considering a Letter of Intent. There are many considerations when planning for financial stability and the future with special needs dependents.

Register for this session offered by MetLife to learn more. For assistance with registration, please send an email to or call ext. 1503.

Further information

  • Location: HUB side rooms 201-202
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free