February 20, 2014

GSA Leadership Pre-Summit Session focused on Creating Queer Community Engagement at Dickinson.

For the first time, during our 7th Annual GSA Leadership Summit, we are offering a pre-summit workshop on leadership and mentorship. We believe that creating an inclusive community requires mentorship and leadership skills. Mentoring our future, while leading in the present, requires reflective thought, skills and strategic direction. Come discuss ways that we can ensure our leaders both here and after Dickinson are creating contexts of inclusion for marginalized communities, especially those within the LGBTQQIA community. By enrolling in this Pre-Summit Workshop and participating in the sessions at the GSA Summit on Saturday February 22nd as recommended below, you will receive a certificate that will display your commitment to Mentorship and Leadership at Dickinson College. Committing to the pre-summit workshop and summit sessions will also enroll you as a member of our LGBTQ Mentoring Program for current and prospective students. For more information contact: LGBTQ@dickinson.edu To continue engaging in themes of mentorship and leadership during the GSA Summit, we recommend attending the following sessions: - Three Keys to a Successful Organization - “Queer”ing Leadership: Leading with a Rainbow Lens - Intersecting Points - Mentoring: Build Our Future. - Should I Stay or Should I Go Sponsored by the Office of LGBTQ Services Office of LGBTQ Services Name: Brian Patchcoski patchcob@dickinson.edu

Further information

  • Location: Allison Community Room
  • Time: 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free