Moving Forward, Giving Back

Andy Hernandez

Andy Hernandez '19, Bloomberg (New York)


Mathematics, economics.

Internship title:

Summer analyst.

How I got this internship:

I got this internship through the Posse Foundation.

What I do, day to day:

This summer, I had the honor of interning at Bloomberg Tradebook, a division of Bloomberg L.P. in New York, New York. Tradebook is an agency broker, which essentially means that we execute trades on behalf of our clients in worldwide financial markets. As Bloomberg Tradebook interns, we don’t really have a typical day-to-day. Rather, we take on projects either by ourselves or form teams to complete whatever task/issue is given to us by our team leaders. I mostly handle trade commission data and apply statistical analysis to present to my manager so that we can determine the next best course of action. As interns with access to the Bloomberg Terminal, which streamlines massive amounts of financial and global data, we are also required to understand and ask questions regarding what is happening in financial markets. Much of my day also consists of shadowing or following employees around the New York offices. I have been able to gain exposure to trading desks, quantitative finance teams, sales reps of the Bloomberg terminal, and was fortunate enough to meet with Peter Grauer.

Other internships:

This is my first internship so I haven’t had much actual workplace experience, but I had an idea of what to expect based on my membership in the Student Investment Group (S.I.G) on campus. In the future, I see myself interning at Bloomberg in New York again as a junior in 2018, only I hope to breach into A.D.S.K., which deals with sales and analytics behind the Bloomberg Terminal product.

Most valuable part of this experience:

Bloomberg itself has revolutionized the financial industry and how we deal with big data to make decisions not just in financial markets but also beyond in interpreting geo-political events. As such, one of the things Bloomberg L.P. emphasizes is understanding the workflow of people in the financial industry. This means understanding how certain firms work and how people are looking to maximize their efficiency whether they are on the sell side or buy side. Understanding the kind of information, the street wants to make decisions in the market has helped me not only understand the value of the Bloomberg product but also learn how to utilize my specific knowledge of what the machine can do to empower trade decisions with data.

Advice for students considering internships:

There are a lot of things that are important that you will hear again and again: get the GPA up (I’m at a 3.2 as of now), resumé should be perfect, know your industry, be able to walk away from rejection, don’t apply to just one company, etc. But I think to be a successful intern/applicant in any industry, you must be consistently demonstrating that you are adding value or can do so once accepted. This can take the form of having an opinion on a real-time event (or anything else) which is backed up by your understanding of the industry or even mapping out a solution to a problem if you don’t have the resources to implement it. I also feel that we often underestimate the human aspect of the workplace and the importance of networking. The consistent intern who is approachable, friendly, and genuinely curious about the work they are doing most of the time will not only be remembered but also have coworkers drawn to them. Everyone has their own style in the workplace and that’s fine, but I think as an intern being personable and consistent in the value you add are two skills one should learn and apply to both interviews and the workplace.

How this internship has helped me:

Going into the Bloomberg internship, I had already known that I was interested in the financial industry. The only uncertainty that I had going into it was where my niche was in this space. After interning at Bloomberg Tradebook, I’ve refined my career goals and learned what I find interesting about the industry and what I would rather stay away from. Reflecting on my experience so far, I’ve also learned a lot about myself as well with regards to work habits in a job with deadlines rather than a math problem I can just come back to later in the day. Looking forward to this year, I plan on expanding on my interests in finance while also applying some of the improvements I want to see in myself in the workplace to my studies.

Post-Dickinson plans:

I plan on attending the Skateboarding 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. I hope to receive a fulltime offer from Bloomberg L.P. in 2019. And I dream about being able to donate and contribute to the organizations/institutions that have helped me get to where I am today: The Posse Foundation, Casa de Crianca, Dickinson College, and The Earthwatch Institute.


Published November 2, 2017