Interested in food studies abroad? Below you will find a list of destinations that Dickinson students have used in the past. The list is in alphabetical order, it includes Dickinson programs, partner programs, and non-Dickinson programs, and summer programs. Some programs offer one or more courses in food studies, some programs are exclusively focused on food studies. Please always refer to the dedicated pages on Center for Global Study and Engagement for updated offerings. Don’t forget to reach out to your Food Studies Certificate advisor or Certificate coordinator for appropriate advising and planning.


Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina


Dickinson in Australia


DIS: Study Abroad in Copenhagen

New course at Copenhagen: Sensation, Taste, and Flavor: Exploring Danish Cuisine

DIS: Study Abroad in Stockholm

New course at Stockholm: Psychology of Food


Dickinson in England (Humanities)

Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert's

Refettorio Felix offers a welcoming lunchtime food service to vulnerable members of the local area of West London. Dickinson students volunteered here during the pre-term orientation program.

Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food.

Oxford Martin is a research and policy center, and does not offer instruction for undergraduates. For example, students can’t “take a class” in the Oxford Martin Future of Food Programme. However, Dickinson sends students to Oxford each year (mostly English at Mansfield College) and if there are any Food Studies certificate candidates among them, they might be interested in the work of the Oxford Martin Programme scholars and in attending their lectures (free, but require registration).


Dickinson in France

ISTHIA, Toulouse School of Tourism, Hospitality Management and Food Studies

Sciences Po Toulouse


SIT – Sustainable Development and Social Change – Jaipur, India


Dickinson in Italy, Italian Studies

Sant’Anna Institute

Fulbright/Casten Family Foundation Award at the University of Gastronomic Sciences


Dickinson in New Zealand


SFS: Tanzania