DAVS Portal

To access your DAVS Portal please use the web address: https://admissions.dickinson.edu/portal/alumni

Enter your credentials followed by “Login.”

Note: Your Username will always be the email address you have on file with DAVS. The same email address may not be used for another DAVS member.

There is no option to “log off” in the portal. The system will automatically log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity. 

DAVS Portal Instructions1


DAVS Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can select the Edit Profile link and this will allow you to edit your personal information. The dashboard also shows the program preferences that you are signed up to help with (Interviews, Interview Days and College Fairs), it allows you to access our training materials under “DAVS Reference Materials” as well as other helpful links. 

DAVS Portal Instructions 2


Select the Interviews tab. There will be two sections 1) My Interview Assignments and 2) Unassigned Interviewees.

  • My Interview Assignments – This includes interviews that you have claimed/been assigned or have completed. This section allows you to follow the student through the process. 
  • Columns
    • Name – student’s name 
    • Location – student’s location
    • Round – shows if and how the student applied 
    • Decision
      • Blank - If no decision appears one week after decision release, the student most likely withdrew the application. 
      • Accept – The student was accepted. If the decision still appears as Accept after May 1, the student did not enroll or withdrew the application. 
      • Deposit – The student has enrolled. 
      • If a student you interviewed no longer appears after decision release, it means that the student was not accepted.
    • Request Date – the date the student requested the interview
    • Status – the status of the interview 
      • Pending – the interview report has not been submitted
      • Completed – the interview report has been submitted

DAVS Portal Instructions 3

  • To access the student’s information, select the student’s name and a pop-up box will appear with detail. On some devices, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page (sometimes below the footer) to see the student’s information.  

DAVS Portal Instructions4

  • Unassigned Interviewees – students listed in this section have requested an interview and need to be “Claimed” by a volunteer or assigned by the office. You should see students who are within several miles of your location as well as international students if you opted to conduct virtual interviews. 
    • The “Request Date” is the date the student requested the interview. When selecting interviews, please select ones with older request dates. 
    • Distance – This is the distance from your address to the student’s location. 
    • To select a student to interview
      • select the student’s name
      • select “Claim” (Note: the student will move from “Unassigned Interviewees” to “My Interview Assignments”)
      • contact the student within three days to schedule the interview (Note: If the student does not respond after three attempts, please notify davs@dickinson.edu)

DAVS Portal Instructions 5

  • Submitting an interview report - When you have completed the student’s interview, return to the “My Interview Assignments” section and select the student’s name. Scroll down to the “File Report” link. On some devices you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page (sometimes below the footer) to see the student’s information and the “File Report” link. 

DAVS Portal Instructions4

DAVS Portal Instructions 7

Interview Day

If you live in an area that has an Interview Day and you have registered to help, you will see the “Interview Days” tab on your dashboard. 

  • Submitting interview reports following an Interview Day: Select the Interview Days tab and then select the student that you interviewed. Note: You will see students from other interview days in this section as well. 
    • To search for a student you can scroll down the list or type the student’s name in the search interviewees bar. 
    • Select the student’s name then scroll down tp the “File Report” link. On some devices you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page (sometimes below the footer) to see the student’s information and the “File Report” link.

DAVS Portal Instructions 8

College Fair

Select the College Fairs tab. There will be two sections 1) My College Fairs and 2) Available College Fairs.

  • My College Fairs – This includes college fairs that you have claimed or have completed. 
  • Available College Fairs – This includes fairs in your area that still need one or two representatives. (Note: We ask that two volunteers attend most fairs so, if you see a fair with a count of "1," please do claim that fair so that we have full coverage.
  • If you are the first person to "Claim" the fair, (there is a number 1 in the count column when under My College Fairs) please click on the fair again and select the Shipping Form link to provide us with the shipping address to which we should mail the fair supply box.

DAVS Portal Instructions 9

DAVS Portal Instructions10