Executive Chair: Maria Villotti '18

The Executive Chair of MOB oversees the general operations of the organization. Responsibilities of the Executive Chair include

  • Calling and Presiding over Meetings
  • Acting as representative and liaison with Student Senate
  • Supervise the work of the Executive Committee
  • Assist in the planning and execution of All-College related events with the Vice-Chair.

Vice Chair: Julia Huddy '19

The Vice Chair is the acting treasurer of the organization. Specific responsibilities include

  • Maintaining records of all MOB Executive Board meetings
  • Control and maintain the organizational budget
  • Draft and manage the spring budgeting process
  • Assist in the planning and execution of All-College related events with the Executive Chair.

Concert Chairs: Mikey Kmetz '19, Ginnah Etah '19

The Concert Chairs plan all live music executed by the organization. Standard Concert Chair events include

  • Large Fall concert
  • Trellis Concert Series

Special Events Chairs: Samuel Bañuelos '19, Jordan Smith '18

The Special Events Chairs are responsible for the planning and execution of all larger MOB variety events. Examples of such events include

  • Comedians
  • Mentalists/Illusionists/Magicians
  • Alternative Events 
  • Spirit Week
  • "Red Out" Events (with Athletics)
  • Morning Rush

Weekend Events Chairs: Ken Bamba '20, Elif Ersoy '20, Sachi Kurup '19, Patrick Robinson '20

The Weekend Events Chairs are responsible for the planning and execution of MOB weekend events, which could include

  • Sweet Tooth (Chocolate event)
  • Red Devil's Playground (inflatables)
  • Movie Nights
  • Party on the Plaza

MarketingChair: Sara Bennett '20

The Marketing Chair is responsible for prviding photographs at all MOB events while maintaing an active presence on the organization's social media accounts.