At mid-term, instructors evaluate students' academic performance by assigning Roll Call grades. Roll Call grades indicate whether students are meeting basic expectations, and they provide important information to students and their advisors. However, students should be aware both that Roll Call grades lack the specificity of the letter grades instructors will award at the end of the term and that Roll Call grades reflect only a fraction of the full semester's work. In many courses, students will complete the majority of their academic work after Roll Call.

  • "S" means a satisfactory level of achievement has been observed to that point in the term, but doesn't specify what is satisfactory. The student should understand that the “S” grade could mean barely satisfactory or much better.
  • "U" means that the achievement is unsatisfactory in some way.
  • "I" means that work was due but not received.

For graded work, a common rule-of-thumb is that a grade of "S" indicates work of C or above. In addition, however, course instructors may also use Roll Call grades to alert students (and their advisors) that another aspect of class performance (such as attendance, participation, or homework) is not meeting basic expectations.

As a result, if students receive grades of unsatisfactory ("U"), or incomplete ("I"), they should promptly make an appointment with the instructor(s) who awarded the grade(s). After meeting with their course instructors, students should also communicate with their advisors to assess and strategize. Although responsibility lies with the student, it's also good practice for advisors to contact any of their advisees who receive "U" grades. Such outreach is especially important if a student with a low GPA receives a "U" grade or if any student receives multiple "U" grades.

Finally, Roll Call represents a last opportunity for students to confirm their course schedules. If a course is missing or listed on the report in error, students should immediately go to the Registrar's Office to resolve the discrepancy.

For Fall 2020 – Roll Call grades are due by date TBD pending confirmation of academic calendar

For Spring 2020 – Roll Call grades are due by date TBD pending confirmation of academic calendar