Class Projects

FALL 2017

ENST 161

Newspaper Opinion Editorials: Environmental Connections in your Community

Students in Professor Bedi's Fall 2017 Environmental Connections course (ENST 161) crafted opinion editorial pieces relating a course them to an issue in their community. As part of the assignment, students submitted their opinion editorials to a newspaper of their choice. The pieces here represent published opinion editorials.

Jessie Anker: Student makes case for bow hunting

Abigail Brickler: Acid Mine Drainage: a Farewell to Recreational Fishing

Odin Bules: Why An Agricultural Community Should Be Concerned About Soil Health

Duong Thu Nga: The Curse of Lead in Bac Ninh (Vietnamese and English)

Isabel Ruff: I-66 still a health danger

Olivia Spildooren: Benefits of Switching School Buses to Biodiesel

Frances Staples: Suffolk needs more farmers