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Genworth Long Term Care Insurance

Dickinson College benefits include Group Long Term Care Insurance for newly hired and active employees. Under this Voluntary Group Long Term Care Insurance Program, coverage to help pay for long term care may be more affordable than you think.

Why consider long term care insurance?

It covers expenses for long term care services received at home, in the community or in a nursing facility. Here are a few quick points to consider: 

  • Neither health nor disability insurance will cover this kind of care.
  • Relying on government programs may not be a viable solution.
  • Without insurance, the costs of these services may have to come out of your savings or income.

Coverage under this Program is portable, so it can move with you if you change jobs, retire or leave the College.

The Opportunity and Who is Eligible to Apply?

As a newly hired Dickinson College employee, you have the opportunity to get coverage, with streamlined underwriting depending on your age, during the first 30 days of your employment.

As an active Dickinson College employee, you and your spouse and other eligible family members can now buy this coverage at competitive group rates with full medical underwriting, depending on your age.

To be eligible, the applicant must maintain a permanent US residence and have a valid Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number from the US government.

  • Actively at work, full-time (35 hours per week) employees
  • Employee's spouse under age 76
  • Employee's Parents and Parents-in-law under age 76
  • Employee's Grandparents and Grandparents-in-law under age 76
  • Employee's or spouse's Adult Children and Siblings under age 76

To see what this could mean for you, visit the Dickinson College Group Long Term Care Insurance Web site for more information or to enroll:

Go to:

Or call 800-416-3624 to speak with a program expert or to order an information kit.

Informational Brochure

Here's a testimonial about the program (not a Dickinson employee), which speaks volumes.

“Thank you for arranging this incredible opportunity to all employees…and their families. I know first-hand about the need for LTC as I helped my parents into assisted living. They are fortunate to afford the $6,500/mo for the next 10-15 years in addition to probable higher monthly costs when they may need nursing care as well. I have an aunt at the other end of the spectrum who was forced to go on Medicaid where they take all your assets, except $20,000 (for funeral cost), before they provide nursing home care. Personally, I see the tremendous benefit of this one time group policy offer because I had non-metastatic cancer 16 years ago. Under this special one-time offer, I’m not disqualified from coverage because employees don’t have to meet the full underwriting qualifications. Still the policy allows family members (spouses, siblings, significant others) to get in on the exceptional low rates even if they do have to go thru full underwriting. As a single woman who wouldn’t have LTC support otherwise, thank you, thank you, thank you!”