Performance Appraisal Process - 1/14/2016

To the Dickinson College community,

Dickinson is pleased to announce the start of our annual performance appraisal process.

In an effort to continue to refine and improve this process, you will find that several enhancements have been made to the forms. Competencies on the support-staff form have been consolidated (from 23 to nine) to better reflect the changing demands of our environment, improve the flow of the review and eliminate redundancies. The administrative form has been updated to reflect one complete year of the goal management function, removing several comment sections that were a restatement of information contained in the goal management section.

Another change for 2016 is the decision to deactivate the job description link contained within Review Snap. This decision change should lessen confusion across campus about the new position descriptions that have been so carefully completed as part of the compensation study. As we continue to move through the compensation study, we also continue to review, refine and evaluate all the information shared in the revised position descriptions. Thank you for your efforts on these revised position descriptions; we will share the final versions upon completion of the study.

Evaluations will be completed during the months of January, February and March, with all reviews due no later than April 1, 2016. Employees who had an introductory performance appraisal within the past three months will not be asked to complete another appraisal until this time next year.

Please feel free to contact Dennette Moul or Denise Eichelberger in Human Resource Services with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Debra Hargrove, M.A., SPHR
Associate Vice President