The Loan Servicer for all Dickinson College Federal Perkins Loans, Dickinson Institutional Loans and the Abe & Cora Hurwitz Loans is Heartland ECSI

Heartland ECSI is the loan servicer for Dickinson College loans.  Upon separation from Dickinson College, you should receive a letter from Heartland ECSI regarding your loans and how to create your account.  If you did not receive this letter or you are having difficulty in setting up your account, please dial 1-888-549-3274 for additional assistance or enter a LIVE chat.  Loan Service Representatives are available Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM to 9 PM, Eastern Time.

Online payment options include:

One Time Payments:

Payment Method/Description and Fee
Bank Account - $1.95 convenience fee
Allows the borrower to make an instant payment using a checking or savings account.

Credit Card Payment - $1.00 plus 3.95% of the payment amount
Allows the borrower to make a payment using a credit card. Credit card payments are processed the same day.

Debit Card Payment - $1.00 plus 3.95% of the payment amount
Allows the borrower to make an instant payment using a checking account.

International Payment - Fee Varies
Heartland ECSI utilizes FlyWire to process international payments. FlyWire converts the payment to U.S. funds and transfers the money from the borrower’s bank to Heartland ECSI’s bank.

Recurring Payments:

Payment Method/Description and Fee
Bank Account -Free
Allows the borrower to schedule a payment to be withdrawn from a checking or savings account. Recurring payments can be processed on the 1st, 10th, 15th, or 20th day of the month.

Credit Card Payment - $1.00 plus 3.95% of the payment amount
Allows the borrower to make a payment using a credit card. Credit card payments are processed the same day.

Debit Card Payment - $1.00 plus 3.95% of the payment amount
Allows the borrower to make an instant payment using a checking account.

To mail your loan payment, please use the following address:
Dickinson College C/O ECSI
PO Box 1287
Moon Township, PA 15108

Make your check or money order payable to your school and mail to: Your School Name, c/o ECSI, P.O. Box 1287, Moon Township, PA 15108. Please include your Heartland Key or Account Number in the memo section of your check or money order. If you are providing instructions for the application of your payment, please include these instructions in a separate letter with your payment to allow for timely processing. Please do not write instructions on your check or money order.

The Abe and Cora Hurwitz Student Loan Program and the Dickinson Institutional Student Loan Program

Both the Abe and Cora Hurwitz Student Loan and the Dickinson Institutional Loan are low-interest loan programs at a fixed APR, awarded by the Financial Aid Office to selected students and is serviced by Heartland ECSI.   There is no loan origination fee assessed for either loan program.  Interest does not accrue on either loan until graduation occurs or matriculation ends at Dickinson College. After a 6 (six) month grace period, the monthly payments will begin [including both principle and interest, and will extend no more than a maximum of ten years (120 months) for repayment.]  There is no penalty for prepayment of these loans.

Existing Abe and Cora Hurwitz Loans through June 30, 2020 are at a fixed interest rate of 5% APR.  Effective July 1, 2020, the Abe and Cora Hurwitz Loans and the Dickinson Institutional Loans will be at a fixed interest rate of 2.5% APR, with a review of the APR annually.

Hurwitz Loan and/or Dickinson Institutional Exit Counseling FAQ

Question:  Who is Heartland ECSI?
Answer:  Heartland ECSI is the loan servicing agent who will be sending out your monthly billing statements. You may choose to have a paper billing statement sent to your permanent address or create an E-Billing account on-line.

Question:  Do I have a grace period?
Answer:  Yes, the Hurwitz Loan has a six month grace period after separation from Dickinson College.

Question:  When does my interest start to accrue on my loan?
Answer:  Exactly six months from your date of separation (ex. May 17, 2016 – November 17, 2016 interest will start to accrue).

Question:  When will my first loan payment be due?
Answer:  Approximately 31 days after interest starts to accrue (ex. December 28, 2016).

Question:  Can I pay my loan off early without penalties?
Answer:  Yes, there are no penalties if you pay your loan off early. If you pay your loan off prior to interest starting to accrue, only the principle amount of your loan would be due.

Question:  What is E-Bill?
Answer:  Heartland ECSI provides borrowers with the option to receive email notices instead of paper billing statements. By enrolling in E-Bill, borrowers receive an email notification instead of a paper billing statement. To enroll in E-Bill, you must register on-line at  If you experience difficulty in registering, please dial 1-888-549-3274 to speak with a customer service representative between 7:30 AM - 9 PM, Monday - Friday.

Question:  How do I pay my loan?
Answer:  If you sign up for E-Bill, your email notification will contain information on how to pay.

Question:  Are there other options for making payments?
Answer:  Yes, the borrower may set up a Direct Payment with Heartland ECSI. By using Direct Payment, borrowers do not have to worry about making their student loan payment on-time because their loan payments are automatically drafted from their account monthly by their loan due date. A borrower can enroll in, change, or cancel Direct Payment through their account once registered on-line at This payment option only applies to borrowers who have a United States bank account. 
If the borrower is making a one-time transaction using their checking or savings account, there is a processing fee of $1.95 per payment transaction.

Question:  Will Heartland ECSI accept credit card payments?
Answer:  Yes, Heartland ECSI will accept MasterCard, Discover and American Express with a service fee assessed for processing.  The processing fee for Debit or Credit card payments is $1.00 plus a 3.95% per payment amount.

Question:  What if I don’t have a United States bank account?
Answer:  You may pay online through Flywire once your registerd online at

Question:  Will Flywire accept bank transfers and debit/credit card payments from my home country?
Answer:  Yes, payments can be made from over 95 countries and are continuing to expand.

Question:  Can I wire transfer a payment directly to Dickinson College?
Answer:  Yes, you may contact Student Accounts and you will be emailed the Hurwitz loan wiring instructions.

Question:  What happens if my loan is past due?
Answer:  If your loan is past due 30 days it is automatically credit reported to three major credit bureaus. (TransUnion Corporation, Equifax Information Services and Experian)

Question:  Will this have a negative impact on my credit report?
Answer:  Yes.

Question:  What happens if I don’t pay my loan and do not contact Dickinson College?
Answer:  After 120 days of non-payment the loan will be automatically placed with a collection agency. Collection costs are as high as 35%.

Question:  Can I apply for an in-school deferment if I continue my education?
Answer:  Yes, Dickinson College allows for a borrower to continue their education and defer their loan payments while enrolled as a full-time student at another institution. The borrower must supply Dickinson College with a verification of enrollment each semester to ensure the loan is qualified to be deferred. You may contact your Registrar’s Office for proof of enrollment.

Question:  What happens if I forget to supply an updated verification of enrollment to Dickinson College?
Answer:  The borrower’s loan will automatically go in to repayment. The borrower’s principle and interest payments will begin after any grace periods have expired.

Question:  What if I am experiencing an economic hardship, unemployment or illness?
Answer:  Please contact Heartland ECSI at 1-888-549-3274 or Dickinson College immediately. Dickinson College has forbearance options available to our borrowers. Upon completion of the Request for Forbearance form and proper documentation of income and expenses, a review of your request will be rendered. The borrower will be contacted and informed if the request has been granted. The borrower will also be contacted if additional information is needed to substantiate income and expenses as part of the request. All information is kept confidential in this process.

Question:  If I am approved, how long will my loan be granted the forbearance?
Answer:  Dickinson College has made available up to a six month period of forbearance. Interest continues to accrue during this period of forbearance.

Question:  Who do I contact if I have questions on my loan?
Answer:  You may log on to Heartland ECSI.  After you log in, select manage your Student Loan Account.  You can also dial 1-888-549-3274.

Question:  What if I still have questions on my loan?
Answer:  You may call Heartland ECSI at 1-888-549-3274. Borrower service representatives are available Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 9 PM.  

School Contact:
Dickinson College
Student Accounts Office
Phone: (717) 245-1953

Federal Perkins Loan Program (Federal Student Loan)

A Federal Perkins Loan is a low-interest (5 percent APR) loan for both undergraduate and graduate students. A student does not begin paying back the loan until nine (9) months after graduation or separation from the College. This loan is no longer eligible for awarding through the Financial Aid Office.  The Department of Education has suspended this loan program.  The existing loans are serviced by Heartland ECSI. If a student continues their education by enrolling in another college or graduate school, the student is responsible for deferring the loan(s) until after graduation. The student must be enrolled as at least a half-time student and will be required to notify Dickinson College of their on-going educational enrollment of at least half-time status each semester to retain a deferral on the Federal Perkins loans. Proof of registration in another accredited educational institution will be required. Deferment forms may be obtained by accessing Heartland ECSI. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Electronic Documents" link to search for the appropriate form or document.  If you need additional assistance, please dial 1-888-549-3274.