Returning Employees

A returning employee is any student who has worked on campus before in any department or office.  This is a student who has been paid through the payroll system and whose payroll forms are complete and on file. 

The forms required for a student employee who has worked on campus before are:

  • Payroll Contract-Please complete and submit the Payroll Contract in Cliq. Click here for instructions.   
  • LST Form
    • The LST form must be completed each calendar year.  By completing and submitting this form, the student will be exempt from paying the annual $52 Local Services Tax. 

The Payroll Forms listed below are only to be completed if the student needs to update their tax information and/or bank information from what was originally provided.  Current tax forms and Direct Deposit information remains on file for each student. 

  • W4
  • Direct Deposit
    • Please note:  Changes in Direct Deposit information must be dropped off to the Payroll Office. No Direct Deposit information will be changed until Payroll can verify that the change is being requested by the individual on the form.