Faculty Positions Reauthorization

If you have a vacancy in the department, you must request reauthorization, responding to the questions below using the reauthorization form.  Upon completiion the form will be sent to apsc@dickinson.edu.  Information about the current position and its connection to the current department curriculum as well as a draft of the ad (see below) should be included.
The following list of questions is to provide guidance to you both as a way to think through your department's needs, but also to share with the Committee your thinking about the position:
  • Are you requesting reauthorization of the position as it currently exists or proposing a change to the description?
    What is the role of the proposed position in the department/program?  
  • What courses did the incumbent teach? Would a proposed replacement teach exactly the same courses? If not, how would the teaching responsibilities be reconfigured? Are any other faculty members in the department (or in other departments) qualified and prepared to teach some or all of these courses?
  • How does the position contribute to College-wide mandates and initiatives, such as diversity, interdisciplinary work, active learning, global education, sustainability and civic engagement? 
  • What are the basic statistics (e.g., enrollments, majors) for the department/program for the last 3-5 years? Deb Bolen, Assistant Provost can provide this information for you.  Feel free to include any explanations for inconsistencies/anomalies in numbers.
  • How might other programs be affected if the position is not renewed in its current of proposed form?  Letters from other departments detailing the impact on their program (not their opinion about the position) are welcome.



Please keep the following in mind as you prepare the ad:

  • In the description of the position and its responsibilities, please use the term “five-course load” rather than 3-2 or 2-3 unless you’re certain of a particular configuration.
  • If hiring for a visiting position, please don’t commit the College to more than one year, even if you expect the person to stay for two years (replacing someone directing a program overseas, for example).  Use phrasing like “one year with the possibility of renewal.”

Information that must be included in all ads –- copy and paste the language in quotes below into your document:

  • At some point in the teaching section, include the following sentence:  “The ability to create inclusive learning environments for an increasingly diverse student body will be an important characteristic of the successful candidate.”
  • “Dickinson College is a highly selective four-year, independent liberal arts college with 2300 students.  It is located 20 minutes west of Harrisburg and is a two-hour drive from Baltimore, Washington DC and Philadelphia.”
  • “Interested candidates should apply for this position electronically via https://jobs.dickinson.edu.  Review of applications will begin [insert date here].  Candidates should submit via QUEST (online application system) at https://jobs.dickinson.edu; please include a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, a graduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, a teaching statement, sample syllabi and teaching evaluations or other evidence of teaching effectiveness.  [Each department can decide on the materials it wishes to review.]  Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until [department may choose either… until the position is filled OR set a deadline for applications.]”

When advertising beyond Quest, you must include the College’s EEO statement –- copy and paste the language below:

  • The College is committed to building a representative and diverse faculty, administrative staff, and student body. We encourage applications from all qualified persons.