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Reauthorization of Faculty Positions

Faculty Positions Reauthorization


March 29 - position requests due to APSC
April - APSC discussion of requests including department chairs
Early May - APSC offers feedback and ranking of requests to the Provost/Dean
May/June/July - Provost/Dean and Senior Associate Provost make and communicate determinations to departments by July 15


(in no particular order)

Integrity of the Curriculum

  • Is the position essential to our conception of the liberal arts & sciences?

Curricular impact

  • What impact would addition or non-renewal have on the major? 
  • What impact would addition or non-renewal have on other elements of the curriculum?  E.g. other majors, certificates, general education requirements, study abroad programs.

Strategic Role

  • How does the position contribute to curricular goals as articulated in our strategic plans and strategic framework?  In particular, global education, sustainability, interdisciplinarity, active learning, and diversity/inclusion?


  • How does the position contribute to meeting student demand?  What are past and current enrollment trends?
  • What potential does the position have for enhancing our ability to recruit students?  Prospective students in general or any specific prospective audiences?


When evaluating a request to hire into a faculty line, APSC and the Provost/Dean will take the following information into consideration. Please indicate your answers on the online request form and include a draft of the job ad and a plan for circulating it to a diverse range of candidates. Completing this form will submit your request to APSC and the Provost/Dean.

You can find a PDF version of the questions through this link for reference only. Only requests submitted through the online request form will be considered.


Please keep the following in mind as you prepare the ad:

  • In the description of the position and its responsibilities, please use the term “five-course load” rather than 3-2 or 2-3 unless you’re certain of a particular configuration.
  • If hiring for a visiting position, please don’t commit the College to more than one year, even if you expect the person to stay for two years (replacing someone directing a program overseas, for example).  Use phrasing like “one year with the possibility of renewal.”

Information that must be included in all ads –- copy and paste the language in quotes below into your document:

  • At some point in the teaching section, include the following sentence:  “The ability to create inclusive learning environments for an increasingly diverse student body will be an important characteristic of the successful candidate.”
  • “Dickinson College is a highly selective four-year, independent liberal arts college with 2300 students.  It is located 20 minutes west of Harrisburg and is a two-hour drive from Baltimore, Washington DC and Philadelphia.”
  • “Interested candidates should apply for this position electronically via  Review of applications will begin [insert date here].  Candidates should submit via QUEST (online application system) at; please include a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, a graduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, a teaching statement, sample syllabi and teaching evaluations or other evidence of teaching effectiveness.  [Each department can decide on the materials it wishes to review.]  Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until [department may choose either… until the position is filled OR set a deadline for applications.]”

When advertising beyond Quest, you must include the College’s EEO statement –- copy and paste the language below:

  • The College is committed to building a representative and diverse faculty, administrative staff, and student body. We encourage applications from all qualified persons.