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International Admissions Welcome

International student hero 1 , international admission welcome


We are very pleased that you are taking time to visit the Dickinson College website as you research your college options. Dickinson is a highly selective private liberal-arts college located in scenic Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on the East Coast of the United States.

After completing your secondary education, you'll find a that liberal-arts education is a wonderful opportunity to continue the next four years of your studies in an environment with a 100 percent commitment to undergraduate education. In contrast with universities in the U.S., liberal-arts colleges offer small class sizes with very close faculty-student interaction. You'll be delighted with the ease of finding a mentor to share your interests and thoughts and to challenge you in your studies.

In the United States, liberal-arts colleges give you an opportunity to study in a wide variety of academic areas. At Dickinson, you can ground yourself for a future in anything from business—through our unique international business & management program—to government, diplomacy or policy research, through our international relations program. Students graduating with a major in computer science go on to in-demand jobs such as computer security and systems analysis. The opportunities are completely open to your willingness to take advantage of all the opportunities Dickinson has to offer you!

The internationalization you'll find at Dickinson College prepares you and your peers for a complex world where a perspective on the many rich cultures, languages, arts and political processes allows you to move freely outside of the confines of your own neighborhood and geographic boundaries. Taking full advantage of the cross-disciplinary perspective of a liberal-arts education gives you an unparalleled comfort level and unique approach in the board room, the laboratory, the news room, the hospital, the courtroom, the political arena or even just the dining room.

We realize that choosing your college education is an important decision, so we want to work closely with you to help you make the most of your college search. We invite you to explore our website and to be in touch with us personally if you'd like more information.

P.S. Don't forget to take a virtual tour of Dickinson's campus and read international-student stories.