Week of August 3, 2020

Updates on Fall Semester

Sent: August 3, 2020

To Dickinson Students and Parents: 

We continue to plan for the fall semester, and I am so impressed by the work of our faculty and students as we get ready to launch. Dickinson’s liberal-arts education is precisely what is needed to prepare students for an unknowable future. The resilience you have shown is what will allow you to meet the months and years ahead confident that you will graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful and to work for the common good. Thank you for being Dickinson strong.

As we get ready to begin a different but exciting semester, I want to update you on a few items.

  • The College Bookstore textbook portal is now open. Textbooks (new, used, rental and e-books) will be available for purchase, and the bookstore will offer free shipping on all domestic and international textbook orders. Not all textbook information is available at this time. The bookstore is currently still receiving orders from various faculty as they make textbook selections for their classes.
  • I hope you saw this video and read this article about how your professors are preparing for an engaging semester. It’s inspiring!
  • During the fall 2020 semester, A-F grading will be in place. Faculty will have the option of moving their course to pass/fail only. That decision will be announced before the start of the semester. Students will have the option of choosing pass/fail grading for any or all fall courses; that option must be exercised by Oct. 9 following Roll Call. For the fall semester pass/fail courses will count toward completion of a major and all-college graduation requirements. These pass/fail courses will not count against the normal limit of four pass/fail courses in a student’s career. More details will follow in the coming days. If you have questions, please contact reg@dickinson.edu.
  • If your situation has changed and you now need to petition to live on campus in the fall, please complete this form.
  • Some have asked about technology needs for a remote semester. Please refer to the detailed information provided in the FAQs for students.

We will continue to keep you updated on everything we are doing to make this a meaningful semester.

Before I conclude, I have a very important note. Dickinson’s mission is to educate civic leaders who will work to make an impact on the world. One way each of us can do that is by voting. Whether you are on campus or not, you can find more information about voting in Carlisle on the Dickinson Votes webpage. Look for more information coming soon regarding instructions and forms.

Please continue to be involved in your communities and to practice resilience. We are a strong community, and I am excited to see what this new semester brings!


Margee M. Ensign