General Information

In all courses given the humanities designation, students study the aesthetics of specific human works in various media and inquire into the meanings of human existence embodied or suggested there. The courses explore the varied historical and cultural contexts of such works to support the primary focus upon the integrity and artistic character of the works themselves. The instruction is interdisciplinary.


120 Masterworks of Western World
A study of a small number of works from the several arts, these may be from architecture, the graphic arts, literature and music. The intent is 1) to focus on the works themselves, their dialectics of form and content, and 2) to inquire into their historical cultural contexts, and 3) to explore the conditions and character of each achievement, both in its own setting and in its potential for more universal aesthetic power. Works will be chosen from the Western Tradition, from fifth century Athens, through Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Europe, to modern America.
Open to first and second year students. This course fulfills the Humanities (Division I A), Humanities (Division I B), or Arts (Division I C) distribution requirement, depending upon topic.
Attributes: Appropriate for First-Year, Humanities

220 Masterpieces of the Western World
This course will have the same syllabus as Humanities 120. Identical materials are covered and lectures given jointly. However, the course will have its own discussion groups, and a more advanced level of interpretive skills will be assumed both for group discussions and for evaluation.
Open to juniors and seniors.
Attributes: Humanities

Note: Students may take either course for credit but not both. Either course fulfills the Humanities distribution requirement.

The following courses are offered in England:

109 London's History and Culture
A topics course which focuses upon the ways that history, literature, and the arts shape culture, using the city of London and its environs as a laboratory.
Taught in the Summer Semester in England only.

209 Studies in the Humanities I
Required of all students in the Dickinson Humanities Program. This is an intensive immersion program taking place in the city of London as the first component of the Dickinson Humanities Program sequence. The course combines class sessions and site visits to explore London and its environs as a vehicle for understanding key questions about art, identity, and human agency, in the context of history, culture, geography, and governance.
This course will fulfill neither a distribution nor a major requirement. Prerequisite: acceptance into the Dickinson Humanities Program in England. Offered prior to fall semester and only in the Dickinson Humanities Program in England.

210 Studies in the Humanities II
Required of all students in the Dickinson Humanities Program. Building on HUMN 209, this class provides a broad humanities-centered view of contemporary British life and culture, perhaps including such issues as the arts, identity, education, religion, government, diversity, and media, with an emphasis on Norwich and East Anglia.
This course will fulfill neither a distribution nor a major requirement. Prerequisite: 209. Offered fall only in the Dickinson Humanities Program in England.
Attributes: ENST Env Stud Spec (ESSP)

311 Independent Research in the United Kingdom
This is an independent capstone research project designed for all-year students participating in the Dickinson Humanities Program (DHP) in England. Projects are designed by students to include both academic and experiential components; their design and proposed final product must be approved by the DHP resident director. Students are expected to seek out appropriate assistance from relevant UEA and Dickinson faculty.Students will have the option of applying to receive credit towards their major if this is approved prior to the beginning of the project, subject to the rules and procedures of the relevant department at Dickinson.
This course fulfills a major requirement only where permission is granted by the appropriate department at Dickinson, as above. Prerequisite: HUMN 209 and 210. Offered spring only in the Dickinson Humanities Program in England.

315 Topics in the Humanities
This course permits the exploration of a discipline-specific topic in the context of English culture. Topics will vary according to the discipline of the director and may include topics from the following disciplines: dramatic arts, literature, art, history, and music.
This course will not fulfill a distribution requirement and will fulfill a major requirement if so directed by the department of the Dickinson Director. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. Offered only in the Dickinson Humanities Program in England.