Five (5) courses

Four Arabic language courses: two 200-level and two 300-level
One 200-level Middle East Studies course


101 Elementary Arabic
An introduction to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Introduction to speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the standard means of communication in the Arab world.
Attributes: Appropriate for First-Year

102 Elementary Arabic
Continued introduction to MSA with more advanced development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a greater degree of interaction in the classroom.
Prerequisite: 101.

201 Intermediate Arabic
Introduction to conversation and composition building on the skills developed in 101 and 102.
Prerequisite: 102.

202 Intermediate Arabic
Continued development of conversation and composition skills using current political and social events, stories, essays, and other materials as the topics for discussion and writing assignments.
Prerequisite: 201. This course fulfills the language graduation requirement.

360 Topics in Arabic Language and Culture
Thematic study of Arabic language and culture, with emphasis on close reading, comprehension and interpretation, and on honing oral expression and comprehension.
Prerequisite: 202, or permission of instructor.
Attributes: Humanities