Japan's relationship with the United States and the rest of the world is so significant that it becomes increasingly helpful to acquire the linguistic skills that enable one to gain an access to this important cultural, economic, and political force.  The study of Japanese also offers an exciting way to meet the Dickinson language requirement.

To continue with the study of Japanese:
First-year students who have had Japanese in high school should contact Professor Alex Bates to determine their levels of proficiency to enroll in the appropriate level of Japanese.

To begin Japanese: 
Students should select JPNS 101, Elementary Japanese.  The four-semester sequence begins in the fall.

The introductory four-semester sequence is intended for students with limited or no prior knowledge of Japanese.  The goal is to provide the student with the essential tools for conversation, reading and writing in modern Japanese, and the foundation for further study, whether for full fluency or to use Japanese as a useful research tool in other fields of study.  A five-course minor in Japanese is available for students who take the language to the advanced level.

Language requirement:  Completion at the intermediate level, JPNS 202, or above.

Recommended Courses and Requirements for Minors and Programs

Five courses: Four Japanese language courses beyond Intermediate JPNS 202. One additional, 300-level (or higher) Japanese language course or one non-language East Asian course on Japan.

NOTE: The Japanese minor is open to non-East Asian Studies majors only.

For course  descriptions, refer to the Academic Bulletin: East Asian Studies