The Willoughby Institute for Blended Learning is Academic Technology's most recent Initiative. The Institute provides support for faculty to create digital assets that students can access outside of the classroom. There are no group workshops, instead each faculty member will receive individual support for their digital resource creation.

Blended learning incorporates best practices from face-to-face and online teaching in order to make it possible for students to preview and review resources in ways that allow them to tailor their learning experiences to meet their individual needs. Blended learning also allows faculty to make the most of the limited time in the classroom while also extending contact with their students outside the classroom.   

Reusable digital resources allow faculty to make the most of the limited time in the classroom and extend contact with their students outside the classroom. These resources can be used to demonstrate solutions to difficult problems and to explanation complex topics. Content that is repeated in multiple classes and would be beneficial for students to access outside of class is especially suitable for this initiative.   

Some examples of digital resources that could be supported by this initiative include: 

  • Video resources created with our lightboard. 

  • Screencasts to capture narrated presentations 

  • Short video, audio or animations to illustrate difficult concepts 

  • Recording videos of lab instruction (lecture capture) 

  • Virtual field trip activities 

  • Gamification (badges, points, leaderboards, reward systems) 

  • Augmented Reality (blending of virtual reality and real life) 

  • Mobile Device Integration for mapping  

2018 Blended Learning Examples