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Anthropology Departmental Honors Archive

The following list includes the names of Dickinsonians who have earned departmental honors, the thesis/project title, and the year of conferral. If there is no thesis or project title, the conferring department only will be listed. Each academic department (or program) has its own criteria for awarding departmental honors. Please see the Advising Guide or elsewhere on the department’s main website for details.

Elliot Barr (2023)
Black-Blanc-Beur: Post-Colonial Frenchness and the French National Football Team

Katrina Elisabeth Faulkner (2023)
Plastic Surgery: Considerations for Recognition as a Pre-Mortem Condition within the Biological Profile

Hannah Marie Hillegas (2022)
The Secrets of the Hagios Charalambos Ossuary

Katherine Florence Sheridan (2022)
Considering Cuisine and Creolization in the Archaeological Context

Olivia Grace Ellard (2020)
Examining Impacts of Climate Change on Cultural Resource Management in Pennsylvania

Courtney Marie Gistaro (2019)
Gender Construction in Childhood and Masculinities at Dickinson College

Caroline Elizabeth Snyder (2019)
The AAPA and the Changing Culture of Higher Academia

Virginia Kopacki (2017)
"Passing Muster" Negotiating the Racialized and Gendered 'Mythology' of Reenactment"

Nalani Noel Saito (2017)
Away from the Plantation: An Ethnography of Hawai'i Japanese American Identity in Honolulu, Hawai'i

Emily Louise Vooris (2017)
The Role of Partnership in Agricultural Research Development Investigating Moral Obligation and Neoliberal Governmentalities

Cynthia Louise Baur (2016)
An Analysis of the Local Food Movement in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Rachel Elizabeth Provazza (2016)
A Comparative Study of the Glenohumeral Joint in New World Monkeys

Justin Michael Reamer (2015)
Investigating the Indigenous History of Camp Michaux, Pennsylvania

Kaitlin Mae Irvine (2010)
Starting from Scratch: Building College Cultural Capital for First-Generation College Students at Dickinson

Sarah Marie Zaleski (2010)
Age and Sex Estimates of Subadult Ilia from Charnel House A22, Bab-edh-Dahr': A Model for Determining Subadult Sex

Anabella Giselle Atach (2008)
The National Institute of Anthropology and History and "The Others": Different Perspectives on Issues of Patrimony

Karen Elizabeth Kirner de Chazelles (2008)
Perspectives Among Farmers and the General Public of the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Biodiesel and Ethanol Development in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Laura Rose Major (2008)
Schmorl's Nodes and Osteophytosis at Early Bronze Age II/III Bab edh-Dhra', Jordan

Gabrielle A Russo (2006)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Mara R Waldhorn (2006)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Erin Lucia Mead (2005)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Alison Egic Millan (2004)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Laura Morgan Martin (1997)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Eric J Deitch (1985)
On the Interpretation of Miocene Hominoids

James M Bond (1984)
Forensic Anthropology: Applications of Physical Anthropology in the Medico-legal Investigation of Death, with Special Reference to the Case of the Unidentified Skeleton Found in the Woods of Bethany, Pennsylvania

Christine Abrams (1981)
Mental Health Care for Chronic Patients: A Report and Analysis

John Paul Kirwin (1978)
Legal Complexity in the United States: An anthropological Investigation