The following list includes the names of Dickinsonians who have earned departmental honors, the thesis/project title, and the year of conferral. If there is no thesis or project title, the conferring department only will be listed. Each academic department (or program) has its own criteria for awarding departmental honors. Please see the Advising Guide or elsewhere on the department’s main website for details.

James David Marks (2023)
A Possibly Correct Theory of Mathematics

Charles Robert Scharf (2022)
Diminishing Blameworthiness

Alexandra Fiona Fosbury (2021)
Resisting Dehumanization through First-Person Accounts of Solitary Confinement

Jingxuan Hao (2021)
Intrinsic Value, Virtue, and Evolutionary Relativism

Maizie Jane Ober (2021)
Critiquing Hume's Common Point of View Against Moral Relativism

Austin Tate Fuller (2020)
Humor and the Absurd

Nicholas Serensits (2020)
Coherentist Theories of Epistemic Justification

Xiaoyu Su (2020)
Ascribing knowledge: An approved reliable methods account

John Walter Leibundgut (2018)
Explaining the Referent of "We": An Explanatory Answer to Olsen's Question

Zachary George Garrett (2017)
Conjoined Twinning: Answers from Animalism

Lanea Elaine Pearson (2017)
Omnipotence in a Physical World

Caitlin Marie Doak (2016)
Queer Ecology

Jessica Anne Sykes (2016)
The Akan Conception of Persons

Kirsten Rose Dedrickson (2015)
Moral Realism and Moral Disagreement

Paul Joseph Gaver (2015)
Constructivism in Meta-Ethics

Molly Kathleen Mullane (2015)
Philosophy and Advising the Sciences: Determining if Non-Human Animals Attribute Mental States

Alexandra Jenny Shapiro (2015)

Marguerite Stevenson (2015)
Philosophy and Literature

Adam Laufer Berman (2014)
Blameless Resentment: A Critique of Strawson

Chaney Brinkman Burlin (2013)
A Defense of Michael Williams' Theoretical Diagnosis of Skepticism

Annamaria Vicenta Santini (2013)
Reliabilism and Context

Claire Louise Pizzurro (2012)
How Kierkegaard and Dewey's Philosophical Conceptions of The Public Are Manifested through Social Media

Andrew Joseph Barron (2011)
The Empirical Untenability of Sentient Artificial Intelligence

Matthew Douglas Hartwig (2011)
A Critique of Kymlock's Liberal Multiculturalism in Philosophy

Alison Ann Springle (2011)
Wittgenstein Thesis

Wuji Zeng (2011)
Epistemology Research

Anna Catherine Pusack (2010)
The Place of the Globalized World: Nishida Kitaro and Japanese Ultra-nationalism

Amanda Ruth Lagji (2009)
The Postcolonial Feminist Nietzschean Heroism in Tsitsi Dangarembga's "Nervous Conditions"

Alexander Chester Cameron (2008)
Elevating the Discourse: There is no "I" in Team

Cara Maria Sgobba (2008)
A Virtue Situationist Approach to Business Ethics

Jeffrey Christopher Reese (2007)
Illumination in Saints Augustine and Maximus the Confessor: Differing Emphases within a Common Neoplatonic Heritage

Daniel A Polansky (2006)
The Happy Socrates

Denean Elizabeth Geer (2005)
Departmental Honors in Philosophy

John Frederick Solit (2004)
A Dialogue on Reason

Patrick James Glen (2002)
The Dissolution of Paradox: An Examination of the Internal/External Distinction and its Relation to Paradox

Michael Marion Meagher (2000)
Ambiguous Destiny: Beauvoir's Existentialist Ethics

Kathryn Louise Ralg (2000)
Ambiguous Destiny: Beauvoir's Existentialist Ethics

Mark Darrell Snider (1999)
Deconstructing Pynchon: Difference as an Approach to "Gravity's Rainbow"

Sommer Lindsay Spector (1999)
The Many Wrongs of Rape

Amy Suzanne Moeves (1996)
The Aesthetic and the Real: A Study of the Aesthetic Theories of John Dewey and Mikel Dufrenne

William Matthew Bartek (1992)
Moral Medical Decision Making for the Terminally Ill Mentally Retarded

Eric J Deitch (1986)
A Critique of Language and the Phenomenological reductions of Edmund Husserl

Andrew Giesler (1986)
The New Intentionality

Frank Chessa (1985)
Formalism and Falsity in Scientific Representation

Lawrence A Shapiro (1984)
Freedom and Determinism in Leibnizian Metaphysics

Alison Bailey (1983)
Image and Likeness: The Origins and Development of the Concept of Aesthetic Mimesis

John J Holder (1982)
Quantum Physics and Reality: Puzzles and Paradigms

Peter Palmieri (1982)
Plato's Theaetetus in the Context of Some of the Later Dialogues

Gary Sheaffer (1979)
Expectation and Ambiguity in Literature: A Phenomenology of Literary Experience

J Patrick McDonough (1976)
Time, Being and Death

Mary Devereaux (1974)
Descriptional Metaphysics --- A Look at Twentieth Century Philosophy

David M Pomerantz (1973)
First Philosophy and The Self: A Journey

Sharon T Steinberg (1973)
From Sartre to Existential Pragmatism

Sheryl Floyd (1972)
Myself and the Other

Merritt J Wallick (1972)
A Theory of Sense-Data

Stefan Don Schindler (1970)
The Finite Infinity: Foundations of Existential Psychoanalysis

James J Alvino (1969)
A Philosophical Inquiry into Magister Ludi

William F Maletz (1968)
The Thought of John Dewey and its Application to the Practice of Higher Education

Richard D Strehlau (1968)
Destiny and the Symbolic: Cassirer and Rilke

Kim Billow Armondo (1967)
A Perspective on Education

John B Exdell (1967)
Plato and Tragedy

Jeffrey P Kistler (1967)
Being Together??

Ella Bone Chatterjee (1966)
The Movements of Metaphor in Myth: An Interpretation of the Birth of Dionysus

Valerie A Mustain (1965)
How Art, Ethics and Religion are Related in Experience

John F Yeagley (1965)
Godel's Theorem