Photo Gallery: The Burial at Thebes

Professor of Theatre Todd Wronski directs the Mermaid Players' 2014 spring production, The Burial at Thebes.

Melissa Sturges ’17 portrays Antigone and Sarah Zimmer ’17, Ismene; Sam Neagley ’14 is Creon; Matthew Boulton ’16, Haemon; Michael Galamba ’16 Tiresias; and Kathryn Mueller ’16, Eurydice. Landen Taflinger ’17, Bianca LoGiurato ’17 and Isabelle Schlick ’15 are the guard, page and messenger, respectively, while Laura Colleluori ’14, Eliza Flood ’15, Supaporn “Ellen” Kaveevittayakun ’14 and Geo Nikolov ’14 bring Heaney’s Greek chorus to life.

Learn more about this production. Photos by A. Pierce Bounds '71.