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Peter Sak

Associate Professor of Earth Sciences (2004)

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Kaufman Building Room 137


He specializes in describing and quantifying temporal and spatial variations in near surface deformation and landscape evolution. To document variability in regional scale deformation he integrates structural, geomorphic, and petrographic data sets. His current research projects involve field work along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in central Colorado, and Valley and Ridge of central PA.


  • B.A., Whitman College, 1995
  • M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1999
  • Ph.D., 2002

2015-2016 Academic Year

Fall 2015

FYSM 100 First-Year Seminar
The First-Year Seminar (FYS) introduces students to Dickinson as a "community of inquiry" by developing habits of mind essential to liberal learning. Through the study of a compelling issue or broad topic chosen by their faculty member, students will: - Critically analyze information and ideas - Examine issues from multiple perspectives - Discuss, debate and defend ideas, including one's own views, with clarity and reason - Develop discernment, facility and ethical responsibility in using information, and - Create clear academic writing The small group seminar format of this course promotes discussion and interaction among students and their professor. In addition, the professor serves as students' initial academic advisor. This course does not duplicate in content any other course in the curriculum and may not be used to fulfill any other graduation requirement.

ERSC 201 Surface Processes
Description, origin, development, and classification of landforms. Relationships of soils, surficial materials, and landforms to rocks, structures, climate, processes, and time. Topics will include interpretation of maps and aerial photographs of landscapes produced in tectonic, volcanic, fluvial, glacial, periglacial, coastal, karst, and eolian environments. Exercises will include: photo-geologic interpretation, surficial mapping, and classification of soils. Lectures, discussions, laboratories, and field trip(s). Three hours classroom and three hours laboratory a week. Prerequisite: 141 or 142. Offered every other year.

ERSC 311 Special Topics
In-depth studies in special geological topics to be offered on the basis of need and demand. Recent topics have included Geology of PA, Origin of Life, Quaternary Geology, and Instrumental Analysis in Geology. Prerequisite: 141 or 142.

ERSC 550 Independent Research

ERSC 550 Independent Research

ERSC 560 Stu/Faculty Collaborative Rsch

Spring 2016

ERSC 550 Independent Research

ERSC 560 Stu/Faculty Collaborative Rsch

ERSC 560 Stu/Faculty Collaborative Rsch