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Jeffrey McCausland

Visiting Professor of International Security Studies (2010)

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61 North West St.


Dr. McCausland serves as a national security consultant for CBS radio and television. He routinely does analysis for CBS on issues such as Iraq, European security, arms control, or related questions of national security policy. He is currently involved in a project for the National Nuclear Security Administration focused on nuclear weapons in South Asia and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Dr. McCausland is also the founder and CEO of Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy, LLC. Diamond6 conducts executive leadership workshops for corporate, public, and non-profit leadership teams across the United States.

2014-2015 Academic Year

Fall 2014

INBM 300 Leadership in Four Directions
Leadership is described as “the ability to decide what has to be done, and then get people to want to do it”. It is an essential ingredient to the success of any person who is leading or working in a non-profit organization, corporation, or the government. This seminar is designed to examine leadership from four perspectives. How to lead the boss and allowing yourself to be led! How to lead peers -- which many argue is the most difficult of all leadership challenges. How to lead employees to not only move the organization to the next level but inspire them! Finally, (and perhaps most importantly) this seminar will examine how to lead yourself. What are issues facing leaders in terms of their own self-evaluation and development? The course will provide students a cognitive map of contemporary leadership studies, current theories on organizational culture/change, as well as methods for individual analysis and development. It will be conducted using dialogue, discussion, work groups, and experiential learning.