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Marc Mastrangelo

Professor of Classical Studies (1997)

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on leave of absence 2014-15



His special interests include fourth century Christian Latin poetry, Latin philosophical prose, Greek tragedy and ancient intellectual. His most recent publications include two forthcoming articles: "Towards a Poetics of Late Latin Reuse," in McGill and Pucci eds., Tradition and Innovation in the Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity" (WinterVerlag); and The Early Christian Response to Platonist Poetics: Boethius, Prudentius, and the Poeta Theologus," in Elsner and Hernandez Lobato eds. The Poetics of Late Latin Literature (Oxford University Press). Prof. Mastrangelo is currently Visiting Professor at the Université Jean Jaurès, Toulouse.


  • B.A., Amherst College, 1985
  • M.A., Wadham College, Oxford University, 1988
  • M.A., Brown University, 1995
  • Ph.D., 1996