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Marie Helweg-Larsen

Professor of Psychology (2002)

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Kaufman Building Room 168


Professor Helweg-Larsen’s research is in the areas of social psychology, health psychology and cross-cultural psychology – specifically why smart people do dumb thing and how to make them stop. She is currently examining in the US and Denmark how smokers react to being stigmatized.


  • B.A., California State University - Northridge, 1989
  • M.A., University of California - Los Angeles, 1990
  • Ph.D., 1994

2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017

PSYC 440 Social Psychology of Stigma
This seminar focuses on theoretical and empirical social psychological research on social stigma. We will read and discuss research on why individuals stigmatize including cognitive, evolutionary, self, and system justification explanations. We will examine how people contend with stigmatization and discuss the intra-personal (e.g., self-esteem and health), interpersonal (e.g., interactions), and intergroup (e.g., attitudes toward other stigmatized groups) consequences of experiencing stigmatization. We will primarily examine research on the effects of stigmatization for low status groups (including research on stereotype threat, dis-identification, concealability and controllability, attributional ambiguity, and health outcomes) but we will also read about perceptions of bias from the perspective of high status groups (e.g., perceptions of anti-white discrimination).

PSYC 560 Stu/Faculty Collaborative Rsch

PSYC 560 Stu/Faculty Collaborative Rsch