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Ward Davenny

Professor of Art (1992)

Contact Information

on sabbatical Fall 2015


Weiss Center for the Arts Room 325


Professor Davenny's works, primarily prints and drawings based on the landscape, are exhibited nationally.


  • B.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute, 1977
  • M.F.A., Yale University, 1982

2014-2015 Academic Year

Fall 2014

ARTH 122 Fund of Composition & Drawing
Working from observation and using a variety of media, this basic studio drawing course will explore issues common to both representational and non-representational art. This course serves as the foundation to upper-level two-dimensional offerings.

ARTH 222 Drawing
A studio course to explore further, those issues covered in 122, but focusing on the creation of light and space. Landscape, architecture, still-life and the model will serve as subject matter. A large variety of media will be used, including pastel, monotype, ink, acrylic paint and charcoal. Prerequisite: 122 or permission of the instructor.

ARTH 228 Printmaking Survey
A studio course in which students will gain a working knowledge in each of the four major areas of printmaking woodcut, etching, lithography, and screen-printing. Prerequisite: 122 or permission of the instructor.

Spring 2015

ARTH 230 Life Drawing
The course will be devoted to working from the human form during which the students will be expected to develop a sense of two-dimensional line and three-dimensional illusionistic form through the use of such graphic media as pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, Conté crayon, etc. Prerequisite: 122 or permission of the instructor.

ARTH 327 Advanced Painting
A second-level studio painting course concentrating on the figure, and covering advanced techniques, alternative materials, and aspects of contemporary and historical practice. Prerequisite: 227.

ARTH 330 Advanced Life Drawing
Advanced problems and issues in drawing the human form. Prerequisite: 230 or permission of the instructor.