The History Majors Committee plays a vital role in helping to run the department.  Members participate in activities that range from organizing course evaluations to interviewing prospective new faculty.  The committee also helps organize events and social service projects. 

MEMBERS 2017-18

Justin Burkett (Class of 2020)
Geoffrey Cole (Class of 2020)
Anabel Danon (Class of 2018)
Tom Forte (Class of 2020)
Ben Fleming (Class of 2019) - spring semester only
Lillian Freundlich (Class of 2018)
Sarah Goldberg (Class of 2018)
Meghan Haag (Class of 2018)
Brianna Horgan (Class of 2018)
Madeline Kauffman (Class of 2018)
McKinley Knoop (Class of 2018)
Jack Lodge (Class of 2018)
Jonathan Long (Class of 2019) - fall semester only
Rachel Morgan (Class of 2018)
Alexia Orengo Green (Class of 2019) - spring semester only
Greg Parker (Class of 2019)
Sophia Scorcia (Class of 2020)
Becca Stout (Class of 2020)
Caleb Turner Gutwillig (Class of 2018)
Cooper Wingert (Class of 2020)

The Majors Committee serves the needs of history majors to the faculty in various matters of programming, including the evaluations of history courses, the organization of the major, and the general activities of the department. 

Any major may volunteer to serve on the committee, but the final composition of the committee must be approved by the History Department faculty.

Members are expected to assist with the following activities:

  • Help administer faculty evaluations at the end of each semester
  • Meet with candidates for positions in the History department
  • Provide specialized input when history faculty undergo evaluation
  • Organize events, lectures, social service projects and other programming activities