Gender Inclusive Restroom Directory

There are currently a number of academic and administrative buildings and residence halls on campus with gender inclusive/single-stall bathrooms.

Gender inclusive restrooms at Dickinson College

*Please note, rainbow toilets designate locations of single-stall gender inclusive restrooms on campus. The letters on each toilet above correlates with a location in each of the charts below. 

Academic and Administrative Buildings

Below is a current listing of gender-neutral restrooms in Academic and Administrative Buildings: 

Academic and Administrative Buildings
Associated Letter   Buildings  Location  Number
 F  Library   Main Floor  2
 G  ATS  Lobby  1


 Rector  Basement  2
 M  Quarry  Main Floor and Lower Floor  4
 N  Althouse  Lower Level and 2nd Floor  2
 O  Bosler  Lower Level Computer Room  1
 P  Old West  3rd Floor and Ground Floor  2
 Q  Stern  Main Floor  1
 R  Admissions  Lower Level and 2nd Floor  3
 S  Weiss  Lower Level  1
 T  Landis House  Main Floor and 2nd Floor  2
 U  Environmental Arch Lab  2nd Floor  1

Residential Facilities

At Dickinson, there are number of single-user bathrooms throughout our residential facilities identified as gender neutral.  Typically bathrooms in small house and apartment-style housing have been designed as single-user bathrooms.  There are opportunities in traditional residence hall communities to designate a communal/multi-user bathroom as gender neutral by floor or building.  For more information on the locations of gender neutral bathrooms in residence halls, contact the Office of Campus Life at 717-245-1556. 

Below is a current listing of gender-neutral restrooms in the residential facilities: 

Residential Buildings
Associated Letter  Buildings  Location  Number
 A  Armstrong  Ground Floor   1
 B  Davidson-Wilson  2nd and 3rd Floor  1 per Floor
 C  Atwater  Ground Floor   1
 D  Longsdorff  1st Floor by Laundry  1
 E  Cooper  Ground Floor   1
 I  Morgan  Basement  1
 J  Witwer  1
 K  Adams  Basement  1
 L  Drayer  Basement  1

For more information or questions about single-user restrooms at Dickinson, please contact or call: 717-254-8054.