BERT Resources

The Bias Education and Response Team invites you to explore opportunities to create an inclusive environment at Dickinson by exploring our Resources page. Here you will find links to an FAQ regarding the history and function of BERT, a BERT Community Statement, information related to our “Word” of the Month, and general resources for reflecting on a variety of issues including allyship, language and more!

  • 2016-17 Bias EDUCATION programs and events:
    • August 19, 2016: Recognizing and reporting bias: A training that introduces CAs, HAMs, and RAs to Dickinson’s definition of bias, techniques for addressing bias, and the Bias Education and Response Team (BERT). 
    • September 26, 2016: Bias Awareness and Allyship Day: BERT kicked off Campus Inclusion Week (September 26-29) on Britton Plaza by sharing resources including the What Can I Do?  Ideas for Allies Guide, encouraging community members to sign the Campus Inclusion Week Pledge, and distributing a guide for campus advocacy and BERT posters and postcards.  The Week aimed to inspire the entire Dickinson community to commit to making Dickinson more inclusive through seeking educational material, supporting campus programs, participating in training opportunities, and learning more about campus inclusion resources (Co-sponsored with CGSE, LGBTQ Services, ODS, and the PSC)
    • January 17, 2017: Recognizing and reporting bias: A training that introduces new CAs, HAMs, and RAs to Dickinson’s definition of bias, techniques for addressing bias, and the Bias Education and Response Team (BERT). 
    • March 23, 2017: BERT provided a Safe Space “Pop-Up” booth on the HUB first floor inviting all community members to enter the booth and share what ingredients constitute a safe (or safer) space? We also provided information and resources on the concept of safe space historically, and resources for allyship.

      ​30+ participants shared their responses. Check out the list below:
      • Where we listen fully and outside of our heads & without judgement
      • A space of affirmation
      • Is where we can all disagree to agree and love one another with an agape of love—in essence our common value is caring for everyone's humanity
      • An area of acceptance and compassion
      • Respectful listening openness
      • Surrendered by those I love and empowered to be and do better
      • A place where I am enough!
      • Empowerment!!
      • Acceptance and the freedom to make mistakes and be me!
      • Areas where ideas are shared freely and different thoughts are encouraged!
      • A place of non-judgment; frank conversations based on respect and understanding; feeling loud and supported
      • Not feeling afraid to ask (potentially dumb) questions
      • A space that empowers me to be brave!
      • A space where people acknowledge my existence; a space where I don't have to explain myself; A space where I can be myself and just exist without expectations
      • Eye contact shows they really are present in the space with you
      • A space which I am comfortable enough to laugh out loud—to think and share what is on my mind; a place where the challenge that I may face is my growth-*positive energy*
      • Lovelovelove
      • Acceptance and respect
      • Being able to speak my mind comfortably
      • Visual and vocal cues of belonging
      • People I love
      • Friends that you can rely on :)
      • People I like, comfy sofa, hot tea and chocolate
      • A sense of home and be with people you love
      • A place where you feel at home and relaxed
      • Where I can be myself no judgments
      • Love
      • A community that allows people to share thoughts and feelings that are respected, ever when disagreed with
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