1. Look through the Dickinson Bulletin.

Read about the various majors
Read about the classes offered for each major

2. Take at least one course in the major in which you are interested.

3. Talk with your current Academic Advisor or a Career Counselor.

Ask: Is this major a good match with my interests?
Ask: Is this major a good match with my academic strengths?
Ask: Will I be able to meet the requirements for the major?

4. Talk with faculty members in the department.

Ask: What is the structure of this major, what do I need to do?
Ask: What is this major about?
Ask: Will I be able to go abroad my junior year?

5. Talk with students currently in the major.

Ask: What is interesting to them about the major?
Ask: Do they have any suggestions as far as electives in the major?

6. Contact alumni

Ask: Did studying this major influence their career?
Ask: If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?

7. Talk to the Chair of the Department

Ask: Besides course requirements, what are some other requirements for the major (ie. an internship, community service, research project)
Ask: Are there concentrations or thematic focuses within the major?
Ask: Who would be my advisor?
Ask: What other courses and/or majors related to this major?

Adapted from the Worksheet for Major Declaration Decision from the Academic Advising and Registrar’s Offices.