Immigration Updates and Additional Info

Immigration Updates

Review the iStudentCity page for an up-to-date listing of immigration updates that may affect your job search.  

Additional Info

Dickinson College subscribes to GoinGlobal, an extensive site dedicated to assisting international students find employment in the U.S.  Here you will find lists of companies who are able to hire internationals, as well as up to date information about visas and immigration law.  

A word of caution:   there are many other websites that claim to help international students with their job search.    Unfortunately, some of these websites are scams and will try to sell you services that don’t exist, or will charge a fee to provide forms that the U.S. government provides for free.    Such sites may give the appearance of being associated with the U.S. government by including the American flag or official-looking logos.   The only websites that are sanctioned by the U.S. government are those whose URL ends with the “gov” suffix.

The Career Center can be a great resource as you search for employment.  Feel free to contact us at 717-245-1740.