Available Full-Time Employment Options – Most international students discover that the majority of organizations hiring students on a H1-B Visa are in the consulting, technology, or finance industries.   International students who land a job in these fields tend to be the best and the brightest.   The competition for positions can be fierce, so in order to be successful it is essential that your GPA is high and that your work-related experience is top-notch.   It is also extremely important to learn how to navigate the job market.  Access the Job Hunting Tips and Advice page.

Authorization to work in the United States may be granted either as Optional Practical Training or as Curricular Practical Training.  Please click on the appropriate link for further information on the distinctions and requirements for eligibility.
It is essential that you do not accept a job without prior authorization.  To obtain authorization, you must speak with a representative from the Center for Global Study and Engagement

For a listing of organizations who will hire international students please visit H1B Visas within the GoinGlobal website.

To access GoinGlobal

Simply visit online.goinglobal.com from a PC or laptop connected to the college network and create a personal account with your own password by clicking the Create Personal Account link in the top navigation bar. This will enable you to use the database from your desktop in any location.

If you are an alumni or someone who is based away from the campus network and would like to gain access to GOINGLOBAL, please email us at career@dickinson.edu for assistance.

Student/Alumni Training Videos: https://online.goinglobal.com/training-videos 

Distinguishing Yourself from Other Job Applicants-  As stated above, the competition for positions can be tough.  To make yourself a superior candidate for a job you need to distinguish yourself from other applicants.   This can be done by maintaining a strong GPA while in college, accepting leadership roles in your extracurricular activities, and interning with well-known organizations in your field.   See below for resources that can assist you with this endeavor:

  • Maintaining a high GPA:   Dickinson College offers many resources here on campus to help you in your studies, such as the Writing Center, peer tutoring, and academic advising.  Be vigilant in your studies and make obtaining a high GPA one of your top priorities.
  • Leadership roles:   There are numerous extracurricular activities on-campus that would welcome your involvement.   Serving in an executive role with these organizations will not only strengthen your resume, it will also provide you with a way to polish your leadership abilities and increase your communication and interpersonal skills.  Click here for an extensive list of Dickinson’s Clubs & Organizations.
  • Internships:  An excellent way to gain experience in a particular field is by completing an internship.    Having several impressive internship experiences on your resume will make you an attractive candidate to future employers.  In addition to including an internship on your resume, take advantage of Dickinson’s Transcript Notation Program (TNP).  Participating in the TNP while you intern allows for enhanced reflections of your experience and a notation on your transcript.  Please make an appointment with a representative from the Career Center to discuss your internship plans.  Also, be sure that you are aware of your legal work permission; click here for more information about work requirements for international students.

Finding a Part-Time Job On-campus- Many international students find part-time employment here on campus.    For more information about on-campus employment, please contact Heather Dunn, Assistant Director of Student Employment, at 717-254-8949.