Faculty Resources

About the Career Center

The Career Center exists to help our students make a successful transition from their undergraduate educational environment to employment or further educational pursuits. Our programs and services are designed to increase our students' confidence and provide the necessary skills and information to succeed in the job or graduate school search.

As a member of the faculty, you play an integral role in the career development of our students. We have developed this site to provide you with the resources and tools to enhance your advisees' and students' learning experience.
We can assist you and your students in the following ways: 

Career-related programming in your class or for your department
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator administration and interpretation
Letters of Recommendation -  Faculty Guide (PDF format)

Internship Assistance

What you should know about us:

  • We believe strongly in the value of a liberal arts education.
  • Our goal is to help students understand, appreciate, and communicate the value of their liberal arts education in the workplace.
  • We do not express a preference for any major to our students.
  • We believe that every major provides a valuable learning experience and set of skills for our graduates and that the ultimate "vocational" decision of the student does not rest on the choice of major.
  • We encourage students to fully explore the curriculum before making career decisions.
  • We encourage students to choose one major and excel in that area unless they have a unique and clearly-defined reason to double-major. Contrary to popular myth, employers are not that impressed with a double major.
  • We believe in the importance of close ties to each department and strive to support your students with the best possible internship, graduate school, and employer connections.