Step 1:
Determine how you will use an intern. Write a position description that outlines the intern's responsibilities, qualifications, and your expectations. See Steps for Developing an Internship for more complete information about creating internship programs.

Step 2:

Complete Dickinson's Posting Form document, including as much descriptive information about the internship as possible (students are most attracted to positions when they provide thorough explanation of the responsibilities).

Step 3:
Email the form back to:
Amity Fox, Assistant Director/Internship Coordinator

Step 4:
The Career Center will post the internship position on DickinsonConnect, Dickinson's internship and job posting database.

Step 5:
Students contact employers via phone or email (unless otherwise requested by employer) and employers conduct interviews and hire qualified candidate(s).

Step 6:
The Career Center may periodically follow up to obtain updated internship information.

Below you will find additional information to assist you in your hiring process.

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