Roll Call Grades

Faculty report an evaluation of student performance twice each semester. At mid-semester (Roll Call), the following grades are reported for all students: "S" indicating satisfactory achievement to date (work of "C" quality or above), "U" indicating unsatisfactory achievement (work of "C-" or below), "I" indicating incomplete work outstanding, and "NE" indicating no evaluation made by the faculty member (applicable to an entire course or section). These roll call grades are available to students via the college website and are sent to advisors and serve as a useful benchmark for progress; however, they do not become part of the student's permanent record. Related academic policies, procedures, and recommendations may be found online.


Ask the student to make an appointment. This is a situation where you already know that some aspect of the situation is amiss. Ask the student to come to the appointment prepared so that the two of you can evaluate the situation and consider options.


Taking initiative to seek your help is a sign of responsibility. You may want to conduct preliminary discussion at the moment if you have time.

Appointment preparation

Advisee needs to look up and bring syllabi for courses. Review earned grades in course with U or INC grade; note due dates for late or missed assignments.

Advisor questions

  • How are things going, besides this grade? (Is there a context?)
  • Have you talked with the professor yet? (What has the student already been told?)
  • What is your understanding of what the grade indicates? (How much responsibility does the student take for the grade?)


What grades have been assigned for work? Is there any work you have not submitted? What changes can you make to your schedule?

Student: Decides on priorities. What would be helpful? Identifies what needs to be done and what support he/she needs.

Your goal is for the student to consider pertinent information, to make an informed decision, to make a plan for implementing the decision.

Advise to Student:

Talk to the course professor and discuss reasons for the grade including:

  • late work that may yet be submitted
  • work that must be submitted (even if for a zero grade), and
  • due dates for work yet to be submitted including any permitted in #1 and #2.

Student Responsibility

Make notes of the professor's answers, particularly new due dates for extension or anything about feasibility of completing the course with respectable, or passing grade. 

Return to advisor to discuss. 

When justified, (illness, death of parent, etc.)

Request an extension to manage schedule in renewed effort to pass the course, others.  Obtain and present appropriate documentation for illness, disabilities, personal crisis.


Suggest questions that are appropriate & helpful.  Prepare an opening question

A student who withdraws after the last day of classes will receive the earned grades. Normally readmission is not possible until the semester following the next semester.

Students may not repeat courses for which credit has been established.

Repeating a failed course will not replace the original grade.

Students may withdraw from two courses. A student must complete the withdrawal process before the deadline, which is 10 days after Roll Call grades are issues.

A student with a low GPA at mid-year will be placed on academic probation (except in extreme cases). Students must have the minimum required GPA by the end of the year in order to continue into the next year. The minimum requirement for first-year students is 1.75; for all other students, the minimum requirement is 2.0.


Stay in the course: If the course can be passed (usually this is possible), discuss the consequences: salvage the course credit, staying on track, need to reset priorities, develop a plan for managing time, could receive a very low grad (If the student already has a low GPA, it could result in failing to meet the minimum requirements, probation at the end of the fall semester, or even required withdrawal at the end of the spring or summer.)

Withdraw from the course before the deadline: (Wednesday, November 4) With grade of W: uses one of two opportunities to withdraw with a grade of W, need to replace the course (5 course semester or summer school, if not extra course credits), need to retake the course if required for the major - can be an opportunity to retake the course and be better prepared to continue. May need to rethink plans. Relief from pressure, learning to make decision based on evaluation of situation, not wishes.

Leave of Absence: (LOA) may be taken with grades of W for all courses before Roll Call (Wednesday, October 21). If the U or INC grade or grades is result of bigger problems, the student may need to take time to regain health, motivation, rethink reasons for being in college. Are other courses affected?

Withdraw from the College: A student may withdraw from the College up until the last day of classes. All grades will be W.