Study Abroad Course Equivalencies

University of East Anglia:

Dickinson Course Number                      UEA Course Number  

Chem 243                                                               CHE-2F52                                                 

Chem 244                                                               CHE-2V01 (first half of year only)               

Chem 342                                                               BIO-4004B

Chem 347                                                               CHE-2C32

Students who want credit for 241 and 242 must go for the year and enroll in CHE-4101Y (Students will also need to take CHE-4001Y, a lab course, to get 241/242 credit).

University of Queensland:

Dickinson Course Number                       University of Queensland Course Number   

Chem 243                                                                Chem 2027 (Sem 1)

Chem 244                                                                Chem 2056 (Sem 2)

Chem 342                                                                Bioc 2000 (Sem 1)

Neither the University of East Anglia nor the University of Queensland offers a suitable course as a substitute for organic I (Chemistry 241) at Dickinson.  As a consequence:  ALL SCIENCE AND PRE-HEALTH MAJORS NEED TO TAKE ORGANIC I AND II EITHER BEFORE THEY GO ABROAD, OR DURING THE SUMMER. Both universities offer chemistry courses in clusters and neither has a single course that covers the material as we do at Dickinson (or at most other universities in the U.S.) The course taught at UEA is very different in content and in organization from the standard coverage at all US colleges and universities, including Dickinson. 

With our new curriculum, students who wait until their sophomore year to begin chemistry will not be able to start the organic sequence until the fall of their junior year. Since no course at UEA or UQ covers the content of just Chem. 241, students in this position who wish to study abroad for the fall semester only will either have to wait until their senior year to complete organic chemistry at Dickinson or take an approved two-semester sequence of organic courses in summer school. Students studying at UEA for the academic year can fulfill the Chem 241, 242 sequence by completing CHE-1C1Y at UEA.  Students cannot fulfill organic chemistry at Queensland.