Faculty Positions Reauthorization

If you have a vacancy in the department, you must request reauthorization. To do so, please send a memo to apsc@dickinson.edu with information about the current position and its connection to the current department curriculum as well as a draft of the ad.

The following list of questions is to provide guidance to you both as a way to think through your department's needs, but also to share with the Committee your thinking about the position:

  • Are you requesting reauthorization of the position as it currently exists or proposing a change to the description?

    What is the role of the proposed position in the department/program?  
  • What courses did the incumbent teach? Would a proposed replacement teach exactly the same courses? If not, how would the teaching responsibilities be reconfigured? Are any other faculty members in the department (or in other departments) qualified and prepared to teach some or all of these courses?
  • How does the position contribute to College-wide mandates and initiatives, such as diversity, interdisciplinary work, active learning, global education, and sustainability? 
  • Will the library's existing collection adequately support the research and teaching requirements of this position? If not, what new resources will be needed?
  • What are the basic statistics (e.g., enrollments, majors) for the department/program for the last 3-5 years?
  • How might other programs be affected if the position is not renewed in its current form?