CSA Options & Prices

Thank you for your interest in the Dickinson College Farm CSA!

DCF CSA spots are filled on a first come, first served basis. The CSA is open to Dickinson College employees, alumni, retirees and students only.

Quick Overview of 2017 CSA Options

Tuesday CSA at the College Farm:

2017 CSA pick-ups at the College Farm will be “Free Choice” otherwise described as “Take What You Need For the Week”, encouraging members to pick freely from the list of available items, determining their own quantities and variety. Shares will be offered:

Weekly for 30 weeks, May - December - $700
Bi-Weekly for 15 weeks, May - December - $350
Weekly for 24 weeks, May - October - $580
Bi-Weekly for 12 weeks, May - October - $290

Friday CSA on Campus

2017 CSA pick-ups on Campus will be Pre-Boxed Shares offering a wide variety of fresh, organic produce in season. We will choose what will go into your box each week, provide recipes plus a weekly list of produce that you can expect to find in your box share. Every box will be packed with the same selection of produce according to what is in season and share size. Shares will be offered:

Regular size, weekly for 30 weeks, May - December - $715
Small size, weekly for 30 weeks, May - December - $360
Regular size, weekly for 24 weeks, May - October - $595
Small size, weekly for 24 weeks, May - October - $300

For more detailed information please take a look at our 2017 CSA Information Packet.

Skip the paper: we’re going green! Fill out, e-sign and submit your application online then mail in your check. No printing to worry about!

Click here for our 2017 CSA Application


To assure that our egg lovers get their eggs we are again offering an egg share this year. Shares are available in 12, 15, 24 or 30 week options.

Deadline for signing up is in April 17th and shares are limited – don’t delay!

1 dozen every other week (May - Oct) 12 weeks - $60.00
1 dozen every other week (May - Dec) 15 weeks - $75.00
1 dozen every week (May - Oct) 24 weeks - $120.00
1 dozen every week (May - Dec) 30 weeks - $150.00
1/2 dozen every week (May - Oct) 24 weeks - $72.00
1/2 dozen every week (May - Dec) 30 weeks - $90.00

please note: 1/2 dozen shares only available for every week pick-up

Click here for our 2017 Egg CSA Application

AUTO-PAYMENT DEDUCTION FOR DICKINSON EMPLOYEES: To make our CSA more convenient and pocketbook-friendly for Dickinson employees, Financial Operations and Human Resource Services have agreed to work with the farm to offer auto-payment deduction! Members who choose auto-payment deduction will need to include their Banner ID number on their application. The CSA fee will be divided evenly between 5 paychecks – deducted from the first paycheck of each month starting in May and ending in September.

WORK SHARES: We are offering a limited number of work shares on a first-come, first-served basis! Please email  farm at dickinson.edu if you are interested!