Enterprise Risk Management coordinates insurance coverage for the college, provides risk mitigation and reduction strategies, and seeks to make the campus environment safer for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

International Travel Insurance
All faculty, staff, and student groups traveling internationally in non-credit bearing programs that are not sponsored by the Center for Global Study and Engagement should request international travel insurance with global medical policy by submitting this form to the office of Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management. Please submit your request at least three weeks in advance of your scheduled travel. All international travel requests to a location with an active Department of State Travel Warning must be reviewed by the International Travel and Risk Assessment Committee before submitting this form. Find more information about a international travel insurance request here.

Certificate of Insurance
A certificate of insurance demonstrates evidence of an insurance policy. This document provides no coverage to the certificate holder and rarely guarantees that the certificate holder will be notified if there is a policy cancellation. Dickinson College's insurance broker will issue a certificate of insurance upon the request to the Office of Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management. Please be sure to upload a copy of the contract requirements or original request from the requesting party when you submit the Certificate of Insurance Request Form.