Dance Performance

Anwar Bellydance

The Belly Dance Club teaches Dickinson and the Carlisle community about this wonderful dance and we perform at many events on and off campus.

Contact: Stephanie Gowing

Dance Theatre Group

The purpose of this organization is to: A. Allow students of all majors and with all levels of experience in dance to come together through physical expression. B. Help dedicated dancers improve their technique, while experiencing different kinds of dance and their connection to other disciplines on and off campus. C. Organize a quality performance in Mathers Theater at the end of each semester. D. Make dance more visible on campus through events, happenings and main-stage productions that make students reflect on different issues, on the importance of dance and all art forms, and on the changes they can make through these forms of expression.

Contact: Jillian Dunbar
Contact: Anastasia Putri
Contact: Katherine Roy


Provide students with a strong interest in hip hop dance form with a space to practice their artistic expression. Members of this community hold the responsibility of raising awareness of the richness of the hip hop dance culture.

Contact: Celeste Hippolyte

Swing Dance Club

The purpose of the Swing Dance Club shall be to educate members in the art of swing dancing and to provide entertainment to the Dickinson and Carlisle communities.

Contact: Frank Vitale

Synergy Dance Team

To entertain and perform through the performing arts on Dickinson's campus as well as the surrounding community. The dance team will educate members to increase their dance skills and gain confidence through performances.

Contact: Marissa Mitchell

Third Degree Step Team

Stepping is a series of claps and stomps that put together create a beat.

Contact: Briana Williams

Performing Arts


We are committed to providing our members the opportunity to develop individual vocal skills while we master collective repertoire and develop group dynamics in a fun and social environment.

Contact: Rachel Moore
Contact: Solai Sanchez


To bring fresh, new A Cappella music to Dickinson and the Carlisle community each semester through concerts, performances at events, and impromptu performances.

Contact: Moira Mahoney


To sing a cappella music.

Contact: Kendra Haven
Contact: Taylor Hunkins


The mission of the group is to bring together musically talented Dickinsonian men to create a Capella music and foster a sense of creativity, collaboration and friendship.

Contact: Andrew Chen
Contact: Nicholas Toole

Run With It!

Run With It!'s mission is to foster the evolution of comedy by providing its students with the highest quality of professional improv in both long and short form improvisation.

Contact: Katherine Swantak


The Syrens are Dickinson College's only all female a capella singing group created to promote a greater interest by women in music. The repertoire includes oldies, jazz, musical/movie hits, and current pop tunes. Membership is open through audition.

Contact: Courtney Capella

Taiko Club

To learn about traditional Japanese drumming and practice and perform this timeless tradition. To allow the Dickinson community to a new form of traditional art and culture.

Contact: Lindsey Blais