At Dickinson, we encourage our students to “seek connections.”  We emphasize this ability to draw together diverse information and insights and make sense of complexity—to “connect the dots” and “read between the lines.” This focus is embodied academically most clearly in our commitment to interdisciplinarity.  While traditional disciplines also draw insights from many fields, interdisciplinary programs focus on this skill most intensely. The skill of synthesis/connection is of extraordinary value to our graduates in problem solving and, more broadly, in making sense of the complex world around them. It is a key element of the “tool kit” provided by a Dickinson education.

The following interdisciplinary majors and certificates are available:

Africana Studies
American Studies
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Dance & Music
East Asian Studies
Educational Studies
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
International Business & Management
International Studies
Italian Studies
Judaic Studies
Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies
Law and Policy
Medieval & Early Modern Studies
Middle East Studies
Policy Management
Theatre Arts
Women's & Gender Studies


Health Studies
Security Studies

Special Opportunities
The American and Global Mosaics are intensive, interdisciplinary, semester-long research programs designed around ethnographic fieldwork and immersion in domestic and global communities. Their objective is to encourage students to think reflexively about the diverse world in which they live as they engage in collaborative work with local, transnational, and international communities.

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Brenda Bretz
Associate Provost for Curriculum

Department Coordinator:
Bonnie Lehman
Senior Administrative Assistant


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