Suggested curricular flow through the major

The MEST major was designed with the hope and expectation that all of our students would spend one or two semesters in the Arab world or Israel. As a result, we developed the curriculum so that a student who did spend one/two semesters abroad could complete all the requirements for the major, as long as she or he followed a few guidelines.

The guidelines are written for the entering student who knows he or she wants to major in MEST. Rather than specify the courses that you “must” have in a given semester, the following are general guidelines regarding courses that we suggest you take during each year. You should think of these guidelines as giving you a fast track into the major – this provides maximum flexibility in your junior and senior years.

First Year
HIST 121/122
Arabic or Hebrew
One social science course in another discipline
One humanities course

Sophomore Year
Arabic or Hebrew (complete language requirement: 4 semesters)
One humanities course
One additional elective to be in a country that is NOT the focus of the language study
MEST general electives: please refer to the MAJOR section of the Academic Bulletin: Middle East Studies.

Junior Year
MEST general electives: refer to the MAJOR section of the Academic Bulletin: Middle East Studies.
Take additional Arabic or Hebrew (if available)

Senior Year
Senior research
One humanities course
Finish all other MEST requirements (core courses, electives, language as needed)
Take additional Arabic or Hebrew (if available)

For information regarding the suggested guidelines, please feel free to contact a MEST faculty member and discuss with your advisor. Students not following these guidelines may still be able to study abroad and still complete the major, but will face a more demanding senior year.