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Before submitting your announcement, please review these guidelines:

Dates: Select a start date and an end date for the announcement’s display. Announcements will be shown on the announcements page for a maximum of two weeks. They will appear in the Dickinson Today email once, on the selected start date.

Announcements must be submitted prior to 8:50 a.m. Eastern Time on their selected start date to ensure timely publication in the Dickinson Today email.

Please avoid using exclamation points or all uppercase text in the announcement form.

Announcement Type: Specify what category your announcement falls into:

  • Academic
  • Athletics
  • Professional Development and Wellness
  • Student Jobs/Careers/Internships
  • Campus Job Opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities and Fundraising
  • Meetings
  • Lost and Found
  • RSVP Events
  • College Farm and Sustainability
  • Career Center
  • General Announcements